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After two successful seasons of The Inner Circle: Houston and an amazing first season of The Inner Circle: Dallas, creator Zachariyah O’Neal has done the unthinkable! O’Neal has decided to combine both reality web series to create one—The Inner Circle: Texas! Yes, both casts of #InnerCircleHOU and #InnerCircleDAL will be in ONE show.

Premiering in October, #InnerCircleDAL cast members Khristina Calloway, Kayla Cory, Edgar Garcia, and Darius Hunter are back along with #InnerCircleHOU alums London Owens, Christopher Coleman, and Erica Wilson. #InnerCircleTX cast will be joined by two new ladies—Candice McCoy and Latoya Williams. Mama Trice will also be making appearances during the season.

Recently, I had the chance to interview each of the cast members and today’s interview is with one of the new additions, Latoya Williams. Check out my interview with Toya where she talks about her first day of filming, her role during the show, and more below.

-Were you a fan of The Inner Circle: Houston & The Inner Circle: Dallas before joining The Inner Circle: Texas?

Yes. I was a fan. I actually have been trying to be a part of The Inner Circle: Houston since the second season. I’m glad I finally got a chance to be on the show.

-How was your first day of filming?

The first day was great. I definitely was hazed by a certain person but I had to check them. Other than that I enjoyed the first day. Now the first day of filming with the Dallas cast was a different story. They (are a) different breed than the people in Houston.

-What are your thoughts on your cast members?

Everyone seems pretty cool to me, except London. I have known him for a few years and things that he have claimed and portrayed on the show are just not true. He is putting up a front for the cameras, but I know the real him. You will see that I call him out on his bullsh*t.


-What do you hope viewers will know about you when watching the show? 

I want them to see that I bring the realness. Most of the cast claims to be real, but they are pretending even when they say that statement. I am blunt and I just don’t give a damn.

-In Reality TV, there’s usually roles that cast members eventually have over the course of the show(troublemaker, peacemaker, etc.). What do you think your role will be?

I feel like I fall in two categories. I know I can be a trouble maker at times, but I also know how to help keep the peace between others, but you’ll have to see for yourself.

-Describe this season of #InnerCircleTX in three words.

 Fun. Petty. Dramatic.

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