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After two seasons of The Inner Circle: Houston and one season of The Inner Circle: Dallas, creator Zachariyah O’Neal has decided to combine both reality web series to create one—The Inner Circle: Texas! Yes, both casts of #InnerCircleHOU and #InnerCircleDAL will be in ONE show.

Premiering this October, #InnerCircleDAL cast members Khristina Calloway, Kayla Cory, Edgar Garcia, and Darius Hunter return with #InnerCircleHOU alums London Owens, Christopher Coleman, and Erica Wilson. #InnerCircleTX cast will be joined by two new ladies—Candice McCoy and Latoya Williams. Mama Trice will also be making appearances during the season.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview each of the cast members and today’s interview is with London. During #InnerCircleHOU, London continually clashed with Chris but fortunately ended the second season restoring his friendship with Erica. Check out my interview with London where he talks about which #InnerCircleHOU season was better to film, which #InnerCircleDAL cast member he’s closest to, and more below.

-After watching season two of The Inner Circle: Houston, was there anything you would’ve changed or done different? Why?

I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I think I did a pretty good job of staying out of the drama that everyone else was having with each other. I had a business to run, and didn’t have the time to entertain any of the foolishness.

-Which season was better to film–one or two? Why?

I enjoyed filming season one better. In the first season, the original cast had a level or realness that Shay did not bring to the second season. I feel like she tried too hard to stand out and be the star of the show, but we all see how that ended since she isn’t a cast member this season.

-With The Inner Circle: Texas, were you excited or nervous about combining your cast with the The Inner Circle: Dallas cast? Why?

I was just ready to address some people that had so much to say about me. I wasn’t even a part of The Inner Circle: Dallas but several people couldn’t stop talking about me.


-Who from #InnerCircleDAL are you closest to after filming #InnerCircleTX?

I would say Khristina, but then again I was not trying to make new friends with any of them.

-What are your thoughts on the new girls, Candice & Toya?

Candice seems to be a space filler and follower. I don’t think she will make it past this season because she doesn’t bring anything to the show. Toya is a senior citizen. She is older than all of us combined and she has her nose everyone’s business. I don’t think she will last either.

-Describe this season of #InnerCircleTX in three words.

Messy Ass People

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