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A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s one centered on dating in a specific location. Created, written, edited, and produced by Cassia Jones(who also plays the main character), To Live & Date in L.A. focuses on Jonesie, a 30yr old woman is in a rocky, but what she feels is a lasting relationship, until they move in together and everything starts to take a turn for the worse. Her boyfriend ignores her, spending more time on his computer then with her, and they constantly argue. When her dumps her in an unusual way, she looks to her two best friends for guidance.


Living is Los Angeles as a writer, and actor has been difficult for her, but she is determined to “make it.” Her two best friends: Kimmy, who moved to LA to be an actress, and is a devout Christian, is forced to work as a sex phone operator to make ends meet, and tries desperately to balance her two worlds in heartwarming and amusing ways. Dani is Jonesie’s best friend, who moved to LA from the Midwest, to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Dani is the “party girl” of the trio and is perpetually happy no matter what. These three women deal with their fledgling careers and relationship issues in relatable, funny and loving ways. Besides Jones, To Live & Date in L.A. also stars Tatiana Mariesa and Natasha Gamble, as well as supporting cast members Joseph King, Todd Stroik, and Jordan Mosley.

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After watching a few of the episodes, I must confess that this web series is one of the funniest series I have seen in a while. Did Jonesie’s boyfriend really break up with her through text? What?! While the show does focus on dating quite a bit, there’s also another focus—friendship. The friendship between the main three cast members is very special and it’s pretty obvious that Dani & Kimmy will always be there for Jonesie no matter what. Check out the first episode of To Live & Date in L.A. below.

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Photo Credit: YOUTUBE(To Live & Date in L.A.)/Cassia Jones

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