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Recently, I had the chance to interview a producer, writer, and editor who created a funny yet eye opening web series titled The Corporate Brother and this phenomenal individual is Todd Inman! According to his bio, Inman has a BA in English from Hampton University, Hampton, VA and a MBA from Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA. He is also a standup comic primarily touring New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Known for his quick wit and extraordinary creativity, Todd uses his unique background and experience to develop his ideas. Todd was raised in a strong black family, but he was equally shaped by being the first black person to attend his elementary school. In essence, he learned to relate to people from different backgrounds, which shines through his humor. Wow—a producer, writer, editor, and comedian?! I think it’s safe to say that Inman is VERY talented and it shows in his projects.

Check out my interview with Inman below where he discusses The Corporate Brother, his other fantastic web series Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood, what’s next for him, and more!

1-Growing up, did you know that you wanted to do something in the entertainment business (filming/writing/etc.)?

Growing up I loved creative writing and being creative in general. There were times I was asked to write plays in school and it came easy and I really enjoyed it but I never thought about making a career out of it. Looking back on it I wish I would have pursued screenwriting at a much younger age, like college age. I did not take it seriously until my mid-30s.

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2-How did you come up with The Corporate Brother?

I came up with CB when I was in corporate America. I felt like there were a lot of things that black Americans went through being the “only one” in the office.  I found that many co-workers had not really known any black people well. They would say and do inappropriate things out of ignorance and not usually maliciously. I thought if I wrote our experiences from a comedic perspective black Americans would find it true and laughable. On the other hand I thought it would be a teaching tool and a mirror to white Americans.

3-Why do you think The Corporate Brother has received a great reception from viewers?

I’ve heard people call it “smart” comedy. From what I’m told, it takes the sting out of troubling situations by making them humorous. Also, I understand that my writing style is a little different from what people come to expect from an African-American writer. I am influenced by shows like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and movies like Airplane, Meet the Parents, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I guess it is the suburban kid in me (lol). So I am able to take African American themes and write them in a traditionally mainstream comedic way.

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4-Is there going to be a new season of The Corporate Brother and, if so, what can fans expect?

I hope so. We are trying to obtain funding at this point in order to do larger productions. We would like to delve into Bill’s personal life-his relationships, friends, and family. We have a GoFundMe campaign that you can learn more about at

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5-You also created Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood. How did you come up with that web series?

It is part my own experience and experiences from other people I know. I had never seen a show depicting a black guy who is trying to come to terms with his blackness—a brother that feels out of place in black culture.

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6-Is there a season two of Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood and, if so, what can fans expect?

Yes, we are in pre-production as we speak.  Tyrone is going to date as well as growing his confidence. His faith grows as well.

7-If you had the chance, what would be your dream project to create with a dream cast?

I have a feature length Romantic Comedy written. It is in the same genre as a Love Jones, which is one of my favorite movies.  I just need the funding to make this movie even though that is easier said than done.

Now that the “Black Pack” has become older, I can’t cast them for the leads even though I would love to be able to do that so I have to look to the younger generation. I like Zoe Kravitz to play the female lead but I don’t know the male lead yet.

8-Do you have any plans to create films in the future?

I am working on s sketch comedy show like a Chappelle Show.  I am a standup comedian as well as being a screenwriter so I would like to combine my standup with sketch writing. I am based in Philadelphia so it will have a local flavor.

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9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into the entertainment business?

To chase your dream and the earlier the better…it is not easy but if you love it you will never let go of the dream despite how challenging it is. You have to have a thick skin and a dogged determination. I find there are long periods between victories in this business at least starting out. There are a lot of times when nothing seems to be happening so you have to rely on your faith that God is in control. I don’t believe he would have put the dream in your heart and give you signs of small victories if he is not going to bring it to pass.

10-What is NEXT for Todd Inman?

I am just trying to get to the next level with my projects and trying to network with people who are further on their journey than I am.  Getting paid to offset my production investment wouldn’t be bad either. 🙂

VISIT The Corporate Brother’s official website, LIKE Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood on Facebook, and FOLLOW the show on Twitter.

Photo Credit: YouTube(TinmaneEntertainment)/The Corporate Brother Official Site/Facebook(Rebuilding Tyrone Smallwood)

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