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Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Brandon Hairston, a magnificent creator, writer, and director of a web series that I instantly fell in love with—D.C. Yuppies! From love triangles to a “thirsty” altercation, D.C. Yuppies is a fantastic dramedy where Brandon continues to provide the perfect entertainment that keeps viewers coming back for more. According to his bio, this Towson University/Bowie State alum caught the creative writing bug in 2009, using his short stories to entertain his coworkers, family, and friends. In 2011, he released a collection of adult short stories titled, “Now I Know My ABC’s.” Wow! On top of creating D.C. Yuppies, Brandon is also an author! I think it’s safe to assume that Brandon is an extremely talented man!


Check out my interview with Brandon where he discusses D.C. Yuppies, what’s in store for season two, any plans for films in the future, and more below.

1-Growing up, what was the moment that made you decide to pursue a career as a director/writer for films and series?

I used to write short stories growing up, but I never thought of making a career out of it. It wasn’t until I started working my full-time job that I knew I wanted more. I always make the disclaimer that I’m blessed to have my job, but I have dreams that go beyond the typical 9 to 5.

2-In terms of directors/filmmakers, who do you look up to?

Because I’m in the series lane, I’m a fan of Shonda Rhimes. She’s got three shows on TV and shut down Thursday night primetime. And to have three separate plots going at once is talent! I’m also a fan of the Akil’s(Salim & Mara Brock Akil) because they write for an urban audience with realistic storylines.


3-You’ve created the critically acclaimed D.C. Yuppies. How did you come up with the show?

D.C. Yuppies came out of thin air. I actually had another title for it but found another web series with that name. But the idea came from me thinking about my own group of friends: a crew of young, middle class professionals (most of us with our Masters) that enjoy trap music, happy hours, and an occasional turn up.

4-In your opinion, what is it about D.C. Yuppies that continues to make viewers/fans anticipate every new episode?

I think it’s the realness that keeps our audience coming back each week. I call it a dramedy (drama and comedy) because that’s what life is. When I write, I want the story to be as relatable as possible.


5-Personally, my favorite episode is the “Date Night” one since I was completely surprised to see Jordan & LaNay get together since he was SO into Errin. How did you come up with that storyline?

Thanks! “Date Night” is the one that I always say looks the best. The cinematography in that episode was awesome! Shout out to the DPs Jesse Magloire and Rich Mc….But back to the question(lol). I knew everyone was rooting for Errin to eventually come to her senses, leave Kenny, and get with Jordan and they live happily ever after. That would have been too perfect. Having LaNay profess her love during the date seemed like a way to really emphasize the point that the good guy (or girl) isn’t always available at your convenience.


6-The show is gearing up for season two and even though it’s really early, what can fans expect?

Ahh, Season 2. You can expect more drama, more crazy moments from Kallandra and random pop-ups from the Tea Sippa! There may also be some new love interests popping up, but I can’t say too much without ruining anything. Just know we start filming in September.

7-If you had the chance, which actor/actress would you cast on D.C. Yuppies?

Taraji(P. Henson) of course! She’s from D.C., so she would naturally blend into the cast plus she already has the D.C. accent/lingo down. I would love to have her do a guest appearance…maybe have her and Mrs. Hughes as sisters or something. I can’t imagine those two in a room together.

Capture 3

8-Are there any plans to do films in the future?

Not in the immediate future, but who knows. If I got an idea for a full length feature, I’d put it on paper and see what happens with it. Never say never!


9-What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in directing and/or writing?

Don’t expect immediate results. This is a tough industry to break into, but I’m glad I’m going for it. Be patient and trust the process.

10-What is NEXT for Brandon Hairston?

Next for me? Well, there’s Season 2 of D.C. Yuppies and I’m also working on a few short skits as well. We also have a few Web Fests coming up later this year, so hopefully we bring home the gold in our categories! Speaking of, our fans can help us out by voting for us at the 2015 Miami Web Fest at

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Photo Credit: YouTube(D.C. Yuppies/B.E. Creative) & Brandon Hairston

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