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Not long ago, I had the opportunity to interview Nick Dalmacy, a fantastic writer, editor, producer, and director of a new web miniseries called the Wicked Series. Part one of the web miniseries is titled Sins of the Wicked and it follows Michael Stanton, a decorated but burnt out Detective currently working on a murder case involving the Mayor’s son. After some time spent with his mistress Malina and before meeting with his partner Steve, Michael makes a stop to visit his ailing father, Victor Stanton. This fateful meeting proves to unravel a series of family secrets that can change the course of their lives. Sins of the Wicked stars Derrell White, Walter Thompson, Jennifer Russoli, Maurice Thompson, Tawanda Auston, Dana Williamson, Michael D. Cooper, and Caleb White. Check out Sins of the Wicked by clicking HERE.

Part two of the Wicked Series is titled Sons of the Wicked and stars Cory Jordan, Colt Ward, Katrina Howell, Jonathan Patton, W. Scott Parker III, Suzie Haines, Shannon Carter, Ryan Helm, Kevin J. Stone, Joseph Joyner, Ayana Johnson and Jon Champion, as well as Derrell White, Dana Williamson, & Michael D. Cooper from Sins of the Wicked. Check out Sons of the Wicked by clicking HERE.


Check out my interview with Nick where he discusses the Wicked Series, his film Scorn, what’s coming up next for him, and more below.

-Growing up, did you always want to do something in the entertainment field?

I knew that I wanted to be in entertainment ever since I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. Just seeing the spectacular action scenes created inspired me to pick up my brother’s camcorder and shoot my own movies.

-Who are your inspirations as far as directors is concerned?

 Kubrick for his technique (Full Metal Jacket and The Shining)

John Woo for his style (The Killer and Face/Off)

George Lucas for being a pioneer (Lucas Film and ILM)

Scorsese cause he’s just the man period! (Mean Streets and Goodfellas)

Spike Lee for being bold (Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X)

Milos Foreman for his storytelling (Amadeus and The People vs. Larry Flynt)

-How did you come up with the Wicked Series?

 My DP from my first feature Scorn called me and said that he had some short end film stock that was taking up room and wanted to use them with his 16mm camera. He offered his services to shoot a small project of my choice in exchange for being an executive producer on the project. I knew that since we were limited with the amount of film we had, the story has to take place in one room with just 2 actors. The original title was called “The Meeting” and was about 7 pages long I think. It was just a story of a man speaking with his ailing father before he died. I called Derrell White to be in the film but he had to pass due to conflicting schedule. I decided to do the brave thing and tried my hand to act in it. However on the day of shooting we experienced some camera issues and ultimately had to shelve the project. Fast-forward to 2013 and Derrell would call me and said that he really wanted to do The Meeting. I was a bit apprehensive on doing a short after a feature but after thinking about the story more, I decided to revisit the script and do some rewrites. The 7 pages turned into 24 pages with more character added. During an ADR session with Derrell and another actor, Michael Cooper, we talked about the ending and said let’s do something crazy and add a hint of a potential sequel. After writing part 2, Sons of the Wicked, I then came up with so many ideas of how the story can expand and that’s when I decided to make a series out of it.


 -What can viewers/fans expect from the rest of the Wicked Series?

Expect the unexpected is all I can saw right now. And I believe that after seeing the reactions of viewers of both parts, they are truly reveling in the unexpected twists and turns of the story.

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-You also created/directed the project Scorn. How did you come up with that film?

 Growing up in Brooklyn, you hear plenty of stories of domestic violence and I wanted to tell a story about dealing with that. Although the film centers on a single mother, played by Tawanda Auston, I wanted to show other points of view ranging from a couple who seemed happy but is really not to best friends and break ups gone bad.

-Your short film Genesis: Prelude to SYXX was the recipient of the Platinum Reel Award at the Nevada Film Festival. How did it feel to win an award for one of your projects?

 I actually received an email about the award. I didn’t go to the festival. But it did feel good to be recognized especially for my first project.

 -What is your dream film, TV series, and/or web series that you would love to work on?(ex: a film about President Obama, a series about monsters, etc.)

 I would actually love to do a Transformers film since I’ve been a fan since ’85 and collected the toys. I would also love to work on a Marvel series….maybe Luke Cage or Daredevil. If there is one person whose biopic I would love to do is Bob Marley.

-Which actor/actress would you love to cast in one of your projects? Why?

 To be honest with you, there really isn’t an actor or actress who I’m dying to work with. My first priority is to make sure the story is on point and as long as the actor/actress, celebrity or not, can do the part, then I’d be glad to work with them. But I wouldn’t want to cast a well known actor/actress just because of their status cause they just may not be right for the role.

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 -What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into directing/writing/producing?

 Keep writing and learn as much as you can about the business and the craft. No matter how much you may thing you know, there’s something else that’s coming up to foreshadow your thinking. Because of technology, this industry is always evolving. But the key thing to remember is to make sure you serve your story right! Also, don’t be afraid to spend a little more and hire people like a good experienced DP, a post sound person and a colorist. If they believe in your project, you’d be surprised how much they are willing to work with you on the cost.  

 -What is NEXT for Nick Dalmacy?

 More of the Wicked Series. I am shooting part 3(Legacy of the Wicked) at the end of September and may begin to search for investors for the remaining parts. I am also looking to do a short sci-fi titled Morning Star in late 2016.

VISIT Sins of the Wicked official website, FOLLOW Dalmacy Films on Instagram, and LIKE the Wicked Series on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Nick Dalmacy/the Wicked Series Facebook

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