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A new web series hit the internet recently and it’s an interesting one named Mind of a Single Male. Written and directed by Geno Brooks, Mind of a Single Male centers on a recently unengaged and emotionally scorned Chase Hall decides to turn his wealth of knowledge and high level of sexual experiences into a helpful insight for women into the mosaic mind of a single male. The web series is produced by Kaycee Campbell, Anika McClure-Ray, Lydia Robinson, and Nia Witts, as well as executive produced by Brooks, Jared Wofford, and Lamont Pierré for BAND of ARTISTS Filmmaking Collective who, for those who don’t know, is behind the successful web series Black Boots.


Mind of a Single Male stars Cedric Lorell, Iesha Coston, Donald George, and Moritz J. Williams. With only watching one episode, I have become a certified fan of Mind of a Single Male. Similar to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Two Can Play That Game in terms of breaking the fourth wall, we(the viewers) get to know more about Chase in every scene that he ends up talking to the audience. While it’s definitely interesting seeing him doing his “single” thing, I really felt bad for him when he confronted his ex-fiancee. However, I have a feeling this hurt will definitely come back into play when he finally meets the woman of his dreams and he has a huge wall up. Check out the first episode of Mind of a Single Male below and be sure to check out new episodes HERE.

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Photo Credit: Mind of a Single Male/BOA Collective

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