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A new web series is ready to take over the internet and if you’re a fan of Empire or Glee, you will definitely love Dream “The Urban Musical”. Created and directed by Theshay West, Dream “The Urban Musical” follows the sometimes humorous and poignant lives of several aspiring twenty-somethings. Gifted with resilience and swag all are hopelessly devoted to the pursuit of their dreams. As they navigate their way through the unpredictable nature of fate, their conflicts intermingle between the affairs of the heart and the relentless push to fulfill their deepest dreams and aspirations. At every turn, the search for each of them becomes a personal quest through a landscape hidden with tribulations and triumphs. Yet, through perseverance, friendship and the universal language of music all will find their turn in the spotlight. Each voice glows with the unapologetic passion to strive, love and succeed.

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Dream “The Urban Musical” stars Siergio, Nzinga Imani, Ayanna, Omar Rahsheed, Olivia Crosby, Mary Cecil, Patrick Lamont, Jr., and Jameelah Mullen. The first episode was recently released and it is amazing! The actors are just phenomenal and their singing is nothing short of fantastic. The songs are great and I even found myself jamming to almost all of them. Check out episode one of Dream “The Urban Musical” below and be on the lookout for more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Theshay West/Dream “The Urban Musical”

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