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After an amazing second season, Karlton T. Clay’s critically acclaimed web series, Karma, is back with returning fan favorites, new characters, and even more exciting storylines. Season two of Karma left off with Karma Jones(Ashley Black) leaving to L.A. for the opportunity of a lifetime and giving some sort of indication that romance is possible with Brandon(Courtney Gray) after she kisses him on the cheek. Also, Melinda’s(Altina Menefee) world was turned upside down when Derrick(Quincy Kelly), an ex lover, comes into town and tells her that their son, Julius(Nick Reese)wants to meet his mother. Melinda finally meets her son but also ends up rekindling her romance with Derrick in the season finale just as her husband, Carl(Cedric Johnson), comes home. On top of that, Carl’s son C.J.(A.J. Felton) ends up unexpectedly staying with Melinda while Carl left for a couple of weeks due to work.

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Besides being a bit of a nuisance towards Melinda, C.J. ends up getting into a romantic relationship with Valerie(Natalya Johnson) and things ended with the two getting even more serious than expected. Last but not least, Hilary’s(Rashonda Martin-Butler) plan to take down Karma seemed to be working with her stealing Karma’s spot as the co-host for the web show, becoming friends with Valerie, sleeping with both Marcus(Tyrice Lollis) & Terrence(guest star Terrence Williams), and even revealing that she’s had relations with Jordan(Roderquize Chandler). I think it’s safe to say that Hilary was one evil character!

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Season three of Karma begins six months after the season two finale and stars returning cast members Altina Menefee, Courtney Gray, Quincy Kelly, Natalya Johnson, and A.J. Felton. Cedric Johnson, Nick Reese, and Roderquize Chandler also star after recurring throughout season two and Kiara C. Bennett(The Lyons Den) & Shatareia Stokes(Lovers Lane) join the cast.

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In the season three premiere(titled “Funny How Time Flies when You’re Having Fun”), Brandon tries to adjust to life without Karma, Kellie(Stokes) is hesitant to taking that next step in her relationship, Valerie and Jordan’s divorce becomes official, and Melinda continues her affair with Derrick. This episode guest stars Ashley Black, Tyrice Lollis, Terrence Williams, and features a special appearance by Marquise Wilson(Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper). Check out the season three premiere of Karma below and be on the lookout for more episodes by clicking HERE.

This season premiere of Karma was absolutely fantastic! Even though Karma Jones is not going to fully be part of season three, I really think the rest of the returning & new characters will provide just as much, if not more, drama and craziness than before. I cannot believe that Melinda continued her affair with Derrick and even though she says she’s done with the affair, I have a feeling she’ll go back to him. Even though Kellie was just introduced, I’m really interested to see how her relationship with her boyfriend develops since it’s obvious that he’s serious about them getting married and I’m also interested in seeing her integrate the other characters since she is Derrick’s sister. To be completely honest, I am very upset that Brandon is dating another girl since I had such high hopes that he would end up with Karma. However, with this being a show created by the infamous Karlton T. Clay, things are bound to change over the course of the next few episodes.

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Photo Credit: YOUTUBE(KarmaTheSeries/Victory Productions/Karlton T. Clay)/Instagram(Karlton T. Clay)

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