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Everything is bigger in Texas and apparently that includes drama as far as Zachariyah “Zachary” O’Neal’s The Inner Circle: Texas is concerned! Zachariyah Productions does the unthinkable and combines cast members from both The Inner Circle: Houston & The Inner Circle: Dallas to create The Inner Circle: Texas! Dallas cast members Khristina Calloway, Kayla Cory, Edgar Garcia, and Darius Hunter are back along with Houston alum Christopher Coleman. Joining the cast is Candice McCoy and series creator Zachary O’Neal! Also, Houston alums London Owens and Erica Wilson will be making appearances alongside newcomer Latoya “Toya” Williams.


The Inner Circle: Texas follows young individuals as they deal with friendships, drama, and chasing their dreams. In episode one(titled “Houstatlantadallas”), Zachary holds a pre-production meeting with the Houston side of the cast and things don’t go as planned while Kayla visits Edgar after not hearing from him for a while and Darius’ conversation with Zachary about his portrayal during The Inner Circle: Dallas goes WAY left. Check out the season premiere of The Inner Circle: Texas below.

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WOW at the drama already starting between London and Toya even though they weren’t even in the same room! I hope they both can at least talk things out to at least be cordial since I’m sure they’ll be seeing each other a lot throughout the show. While I do feel sad for Edgar, I really commend Kayla for showing that she is a true friend through thick and thin by visiting Edgar and even comforting him during his interview when he started to cry. I hope Edgar can overcome his demons and come out on top. Last but not least, the conversation between Darius & Zachary was definitely too intense to handle! Even though Darius did not like his initial portrayal, I believe he has the power to redeem himself on this show and show the viewers that he isn’t a villain. As for his personal relationship with Zachary, I feel like it’s unfortunately going to get worse before it could ever be good.


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