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While there are many great web series & short films focusing on serious topics, I really connect to the projects centered on cyberbullying and a recent short film on the subject is an amazing one titled YouTroll. Directed and produced by Nathan Bryon & Theresa Varga, YouTroll shows the negative and ultimately deadly effects of cyberbullying and even bullying in general. Also written by Bryon, YouTroll stars Isaac Ssebandeke and Kemi Lofinmakin, as well as featuring Karl Queensborough, Eysis Clacken, Jade Sozou, Zak Salad, Mo Turay, and Tanika Yearwood.

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As someone who was bullied and even cyberbullied at a young age, I really feel like YouTroll is one of the necessary films that need to be shown to facilities or outlets focusing on preventing bullying in general. Bullying can lead to negative and deadly outcomes that no one can see coming. When I was being bullied, I felt like I was in some sort of dark phase where I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. I felt like I couldn’t really trust anyone because I was scared they would bully or cyberbully me like others were doing to me.


While I did not want to kill myself, I had thoughts of hurting myself and even just running away since I felt like I did not belong. In YouTroll, Ola(Ssebandeke) is told to go “kill” himself and called offensive names like “faggot,” which is similar to what was being told to me when I was younger and these words hurt. However, I overcame these feelings and realized that I want to live MY life for me. On top of that, I had an amazing family who loved me for me. Check out YouTroll, an Afro Tree Production, below.

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