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A new and short film recently hit the internet not too long ago and it’s an exciting one that mixes crime and drama with a bit of romance thrown in there! Directed, edited, and written by the talented Stephon “Stephon B” Brown(Dream Master), Dinero and Alaina is a Lavish Film Factory production focuses on an FBI agent, Alaina, that goes undercover to gain evidence on notorious crime lord Dinero. Alaina’s feelings grow strong for Dinero as she finds herself in a dilemma once she realizes she is in love with him. What will she do? Dinero and Alaina stars Ally Johnson, Bo55aVelli, Shazere, Allan P., Chris “Southfield G”, Cyco Tha King, Kevin Malone, and Mesha B.


Although I’m a fan of Brown after watching Dream Master, I’m now an even bigger fan of his after viewing Dinero and Alaina. Personally, I believe the film perfectly resembled the 1999 action & crime flick Entrapment. In Entrapment, star Catherine Zeta-Jones played an undercover insurance sent to capture an art thief, played by Sean Connery, but she ends up falling in love with him.


Dinero and Alaina’s storyline was very engaging and it became pretty clear that Alaina was consistently falling head over heels for Dinero with every scene that showed them together. Even though I’m an avid film watcher, I was extremely shocked by the end of the film since I thought Alaina was just going to end up doing her job and eventually send Dinero to jail. However, love prevailed and the two rode out a la Bonnie & Clyde. YOU can view Dinero and Alaina below.


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Photo Credit: Stephon B/YouTube(Lavish Film Factory)

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