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From A Day in the Life of Daddy and Housemates to the successful Brothers with No Game, the BWNG TV channel is home to some amazing projects and new web series How Did We Get Here? is going to be yet another great addition! For those who don’t know, BWNG started as a blog where four friends deconstruct, discuss and deliberate thoughts and topics formally kept in the confines of a London Living Room. From the blog and creative ideas comes the web series in which four guys come to terms with quarter-life crisis in the form of dating, relationships, work and self-improvement. The channel has now expanded to BWNG TV, a platform for independent creatives to produce creative and unique narratives.


Written by Leon Mayne(Brothers With No Game, A Day in the Life of Daddy) and directed by Olan Collardy(Life of Hers), as well as Mayne, How Did We Get Here? follows a complicated story between childhood sweethearts Imani & Dewale. How Did We Get Here? stars Kamara Bacchus, Stephan Boyce, Monique Sian Mundle, and Michael Gyekye.

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As a fan of A Day in the Life of Daddy and Collardy’s Life of Hers, I am excited to watch this web series. Mayne & Collardy are two extremely talented individuals who have created critically acclaimed web series and I am very ecstatic that they have collaborated on this project! YOU can view episode one of How Did We Get Here? below and be sure to view the other four episodes of this season HERE.

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