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A new short film recently hit the internet and it’s an exceptional one titled Patient 4318. Directed and written by Moses Ssebandeke, Patient 4318 is about a young woman, named Rachel, who arrives at Isaiah‘s private home clinic for a special treatment that helps her delete unwanted memories. She then goes on a surreal journey into her own psyche that reveals the reason why she is so damaged. This is a short film that touches on drugs, legal highs, mental health, and learning to move on from a traumatic event. This Lionstooth production stars Jesse Jones, Isaac Ssebandeke, Jonell Rowe, Mario Agudelo, Winnie Arhin, and Safyia Lea.

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Moses Ssebandeke is a young filmmaker who is interested in creating compelling and interesting content that tell different but important stories in new and interesting way. His past experience includes working with BBC Radio Comedy and being a visualization assistant producer at BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra. Ssebandeke based Patient 4318 “on one of my favorite bible passages, Isaiah 4318, which is ‘forget the former things, do not dwell on the past’” and “one of my favorite films is Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind so I also wanted to do something that was a homage to that film.” He “also liked experimenting with narrative and telling a story backwards.”

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After viewing the film, I have to commend Ssebandeke on creating a phenomenal project that really is an ode to Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. However, the film respectfully can stand on its own without the reference of being an ode due to the mysteriousness at the beginning and end of the film when Isaiah gets a knock on his door. Check out Patient 4318 below and view more amazing projects from Lionstooth Productions HERE.

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Photo Credit: Moses Ssebandeke

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