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If you are a fan of popular soap operas such as Days of Our Lives, The Young & the Restless, and even Passions then you will love this new web series that recently hit the internet called Archives of the Heart. This independent soap opera is a LaTrice Production that takes the audience on an emotional journey. According to the press release, Archives of the Heart is a fast paced drama that depicts the lives of ordinary people as they confront cutthroat emotions and issues that are deeply related to the heart which includes sex, heartbreak, love, betrayal, intimacy, and family dynamics.

Jax pic 1

Written and produced by LaTrice Strong, Archives of the Heart is a coming to age drama that introduces audiences to the complex lives of dynamic characters who are facing adversity with sexuality, post traumatic stress disorder, infidelity, and holding on to love. The show is a big melting pot full of diversity and audiences will never know what to expect!

jax and sam 2

After watching the first episode, I have to admit that this show is very intriguing and I plan on watching more episodes very soon. While the actors are fantastic in their deliveries, the storylines are so interesting and I love how LaTrice is keeping with the times to include a same sex relationship as a major storyline. Even though a lot of TV series and web series are including that, it’s good to see more shows doing the same.

amber & Jacob

Karen and Jax

In episode one(titled “Black and White Lies”), Jax(Jonae Helem) and Samantha(Zaneta Johnson), who are in a same sex relationship, are struggling to find balance and understanding while new acquaintances are made. Episode one of Archives of the Heart also stars Velta Moore, Lauren Cash, and Hasan Graham. YOU can view this episode of Archives of the Heart below and view more episodes of the show HERE.

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Photo Credit: LaTrice Strong/LaTrice Productions, LLC/SA Photography

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