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A new short film is about ready to hit the festivals and it’s an interesting one produced by Lionstooth Productions, the production company behind Patient 4318. This new Lionstooth production is called Shards of a Broken Promise and follows Richard Matthews, an aspiring sculptor, who is hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. One day, his wife visits him with one of his works, leading to Richard recounting the events that lead to his current predicament, and a fateful encounter that would change his life.

Shards of a Broken Promise Final Poster

Written & directed by Jonell Rowe, Shards of a Broken Promise stars Peter Svatik, Safiyya Lea, Martine Richards, Farha Bi, and Moses Ssebandeke, who wrote & directed Patient 4318. Rowe says he “wanted to create a film that was not only an improvement from what I had created with my last short film E.D.D, but also a film that explores the issues and themes of broken promises, consequence, regret, obsession, Love and neglect, which are all represented through the main protagonist, Richard Matthews, personal journey towards redemption and the shifting dynamic between himself and his partner Samantha.”

Safiyya Lea as Samantha Matthews

The films visual and aesthetic style was heavily influenced by David Fincher’s 2008 feature film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The concept of the story is based off Lafcadio Hearn’s version of the snow spirit of Japanese folklore Yuki Onna, an ice spirit who appears to travelers trapped in snowstorms, and turns them into frozen corpses if the person’s intention is to take or harm her child.

Martine Richards playing Mania in Shards of a Broken Promise 1

After viewing the trailer, I must admit that I’m very interested in seeing what happens to Richard and the “fateful encounter” he has in the film. In addition to all the amazing visuals seen in the trailer, I believe Shards of a Broken Promise will teach its audience to live every moment to the fullest because one moment or “encounter” can change our lives for the good or the worst. However, viewers will have to find out whether the outcome of Richard’s encounter ended up producing a positive outcome or not down the road by watching the film. For now, check out the trailer to Shards of a Broken Promise and view more amazing projects from Lionstooth Productions HERE.

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Photo Credit: Jonell Rowe/Shards of a Broken Promise

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