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A new web series is definitely making a splash with an interesting title and this web series is named going NAKED the series. Despite the title instantly provoking thoughts that this web series is all about nudity, going NAKED the series is actually a “witty and seductive comedy inspired by real life situations.”



Written, produced, directed, and created by New York City based filmmaker Stephani Ouzts, going NAKED the series chronicles “the lives of four witty friends” who “can prove nothing does like the arrival of the G train, equality, and half way decent sex.” However, “achieving success in a city filled with millions of people trying to do the same thing is, without a doubt, extremely difficult for these not so fun loving pals. But, ‘only in New York’, will you find four educated minds with bold mouths strong enough to expose all New York’s unglamorous truths and they aren’t holding anything back.” going NAKED the series stars Stephfon Guidry, Kenya Wilson, Jessica-Brittany Smith, and Ouzts herself, as well as appearances by Damion Williams and Cherish Duke.


Doesn’t this SOtv Production seem great?! Personally, I am a huge fan of any project that focuses on life in the Big Apple and the trials & tribulations that comes with living in the city that never sleeps. Fortunately, it seems like going NAKED the series is at least going to put a comedic edge to what could happen when you’re living, dating, and working in NYC.


In the first episode of going NAKED the series(titled “The Last Supper”), a Sunday dinner turns into a roast session when an old ex fiancé comes to dinner with his new girlfriend…unannounced. Uh oh! Check out the episode below and be sure to view more episodes of going NAKED the series & more by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: SOtv Productions/go NAKED the series

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