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After a small hiatus, season two of the Willie Robbins, III created, written, directed, and produced(along with Meleisha J. Edwards) web series The Rules of Messin’ Around is FINALLY here! To refresh your memory, season one of TROMA(The Rules of Messin’ Around) centered on Lawrence(Mykie Fisher), a seemingly happily married man who is the role-model to his three bachelor friends. However, he becomes involved with another woman after finding out that Patrice(Nina Hibbler-Webster), his wife, is having an affair.

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Over the course of six episodes, it was pretty clear that while Lawrence, who is a Pastor, had developed strong feelings for Autumn(Tamiko Robinson-Steele), he still loved Patrice. Basically, the brother was caught between two women! In the end, he found out that Autumn was actually married herself and kind of cut ties with her to focus on his marriage with Patrice after finding out that she’s pregnant. However, the final episode revealed that Patrice is having an affair with Pete(Percy Bell), Lawrence’s nephew! I guess this gives a whole new meaning to keeping it all in the family, huh?

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Despite the crazy love affair between Lawrence, Patrice, Autumn, and Pete, two of Lawrence’s friends also have a little drama of their own. Ronnie(Patrick James) moves into an apartment with Georgia(Chandra J. Walton) and it’s obvious that the two have chemistry. However, Georgia’s boyfriend(series creator Willie Robbins, III) punched Ronnie in the face and their budding romance was kind of put on hold.

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Along with Pete, Jay(Orlando Cortez) was known as a player who dated women non-stop. Fortunately, he fell for a young woman(Elycia Chanel) and it seemed like everything was going great…until she revealed that she’s less than 18 years old and is going to blackmail him! Can TROMA have any more drama?!

Despite the revelation that Patrice is having an affair with Pete, the season finale left off with ONLY Ronnie seeing Patrice & Pete together and Lawrence coming in moments later. Did Ronnie tell Pete what he saw? Is Pete going to try and convince Ronnie not to say anything? Did Lawrence suspect something? Will Patrice confess? I guess all answers will HOPEFULLY be revealed in the season premiere.


In episodes 201 & 202, Georgia’s boyfriend pays her a visit, things get intense during a game of cards between the boys, Patrice & Lawrence meet with a Bishop to work on their marriage, and things get worse for Jay. This episode of The Rules of Messin’ Around guest stars Wendy Keeling & Michael “Diallo” McLendon. I titled this episode “Is There Anything You Two Need to Tell Each Other?” because a certain character says this and to find out who, watch the season premiere of The Rules of Messin’ Around below.

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