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Season two of the critically acclaimed web series D.C. Yuppies is finally here! That’s right—the Brandon Hairston written & directed web series is back for another season following “the lives of young urban professionals as they navigate their promising careers, relationships, and the exciting nightlife of the Washington, D.C. Metro area, affectionately known as DMV. But in an area this small, the drama runs high and the gossip spreads fast!”


Season one of D.C. Yuppies focused on the relationship between best friends Errin(Princess Ezeofor) & Jordan(Kelvin Terrell) and while it was clear that Jordan had romantic feelings for Errin, it obviously wasn’t reciprocated…yet. Errin began the season in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Kenny(Armand Thomas), and Jordan was not happy about it. However, his window of opportunity to convince Errin that he’s “the one” for her opened when Jordan was caught with another woman. However, Errin quickly forgave Kenny and Jordan was back in the friend zone.

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Errin decided to introduce a new friend to her close-knit group of friends—the always sweet Deanna(Vishani). Right away, Deanna caught the eye of Maurice(Antonio Harrison, Jr.) but amongst the group, he was pretty much known as a player. Despite this, it was clear that the two had a connection, much to the dismay of Kallandra(Toks Oriola), with whom Maurice has a romantic history with. Unfortunately, Maurice did the unexpected and SLEPT with Kallandra!

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The crew got together at Errin’s for a dinner and get together when all hell broke loose between Jordan & Kenny and LaNay(Karen Elle) accidently told Deanna that Maurice slept with Kallandra. To ease things over, LaNay came up with the idea that the crew pair off for a “friend date” and everyone seemed to enjoy the idea. Kenny & Errin’s date went sour when they ran into the woman he cheated on her with and she reveals that she’s pregnant with Kenny’s baby. Fed up, Errin finally reached her limit with Kenny and broke up with him. While the other dates went well, Jordan’s date with LaNay made them both realize that they have chemistry with eachother and romance quickly blossomed. Last but not least, Rob(Charles Lee) was clearly the man around town due to his radio career but when it came to love, he wasn’t as lucky. However, it seemed like he might have a chance with a woman who proclaimed to be a big fan of his on the radio.

At the end of the season, Rob asked out the woman who was a fan of his and even helped out Maurice in choosing between Deanna & Kallandra. In the end, Maurice decided to give Deanna a chance and Jordan & LaNay’s relationship continued to bloom. Finally, Errin came to her senses and realized her feelings for Jordan. Unfortunately, she was too little, too late when she caught him on a date with LaNay! Dun-dun-dun!

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Returning for round two of D.C. Yuppies are Errin, Rob, Maurice, LaNay, Kallandra, and Jordan, with a new character entering the mix—Shawna(Sudria Twyman). In the season two premiere(titled “Shady Beginnings”), Errin gives Jordan and LaNay her blessing on their relationship, but it doesn’t go as expected while Rob moves to LA and Jordan and Moe throw him a farewell party. Also, Kallandra meets a new co-worker. This episode of D.C. Yuppies features Jordan Campbell, Andrew Sheppard, and Isatta Mansaray as the infamous Tea Sippa. YOU can view the season premiere of D.C. Yuppies below.

In episode 202(titled “Apologies Not Accepted”), Errin refuses to apologize or accept LaNay’s apology, so Jordan steps in and Moe tries to make up with Shawna for their relationship’s past. This episode of D.C. Yuppies features Vicki Carroll as Errin’s mother, the infamous Mrs. Hughes. YOU can view this episode of D.C. Yuppies below.

The first two episodes of D.C. Yuppies’ second season were AMAZING! Even though I’m sad that Deanna is not part of the show anymore, I think Shawna is a great new character since it’s obvious that she has history with the rest of the characters. Also, she reminds me a lot of Deanna due to the fact that both ladies were always genuinely sweet and, ofcourse, fell for Maurice. As much as I applaud Maurice for trying to woo Shawna back, I think he needs to choose his words wisely. I feel so bad for Rob to have to deal with a break up the night before he leaves for L.A. but he might find the “right one” in Los Angeles. Even though she’s a tough cookie, I feel like Kallandra has met her match with her new coworker and who knows—romance might bloom! As for Errin & LaNay, I think they need to forgive and forget as soon as possible to salvage their friendship. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon after catching Jordan leaving Errin’s house after he said he was at Maurice & Rob’s place. #ALWAYSTellTheTruth

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