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A new web series recently hit the internet and its title asks a question that most of us probably have no real concise answer for—What’s Love Got? Written, edited, and directed by the talented Lisa K. Satchell, Founder and CEO of Find Relisa Productions, What’s Love Got? is set in 1998 and tackles how the way we grow up effects the way we feel about love. Navigating love in college is hard for best friends Lesley(Alyana Sabb), Tia(Grae King), and Carmen(Admiria Essence). But, together they might just answer: What’s Love Got? Besides Alyana Sabb, Grae King, and Admiria Essence, What’s Love Got? also stars John Chukwudelunzu, Keith Wiggins, and Nathan Tyrese. Find Relisa Productions is a company dedicated to creating relatable, inspiring stories that mirror the world we live in!


After only watching two episodes, I truly believe that What’s Love Got? is one of my favorite new web series. The acting is superb and I really love that the show is set in the 1998 due to the fact that I grew up in the 90’s. With that, the show does a great job of reminding viewers that the year is 1998 with the use of VHS tapes and even reading magazines. Even though there are people who still read magazines in 2016, more publications have gone the online route or mainly deliver their content through social media so there’s less of actual magazine reading as oppose the 90’s. As for the true answer to the show’s title, I’m excited to continue watching the three leading ladies and even the leading men decipher what love really got since, like the song says, “love is a many-splendored thing.”


In the pilot episode of What’s Love Got?, while going about their lives as college students, Lesley, Tia, and Carmen check in with their sisters to see how life back home is going. They come together for a movie night and discuss their weekend plans. Check out the first episode of What’s Love Got? below and be sure to check out more episodes by clicking HERE.

Also, for instant fans of the show, Find Relisa Productions is conducting a Valentine’s Day contest that ends tomorrow so make sure to enter by following the directions below!


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Photo Credit: Lisa K. Satchell

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