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A new project is ready to take over the web series world and its one centered on poetry. Initially four poems written by award winning artist Damilola K. FasholaThe HÂRT Series is a collective of poetic visuals that explore the wide and varied matters of the heart, mind and body. Each of the four, hinged upon the abstraction and metaphorical lyricism typical of Fashola’s writing, presents a different entanglement of sound and visuals.

Directed by Fashola and Timothy Ogundijo, this Initiative.dkf production stars Sophia MackayKieran ShekoniCaro Duah-NantwiLuke WilsonPatience JamesHeyshan Djivan, Ogundijo, Fashola, and Wofai Eyong, who also serves as associate producer. Premiering February 21st at 6 P.M., season one of The HÂRT Series is titled “BrokenHÂRT” and explores several themes—the place your find yourself when love is all you yearn for but that love belongs to another, the self-perpetuating destruction of a toxic pairing, Safronia’s requiem, and the fleeting highs of a manufactured love.

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As someone who likes poetry, I’m excited to see visuals to an award winning artist of poetry! The teaser alone is remarkable and definitely proves that The HÂRT Series will be nothing short of perfection. Check out the teaser below and be sure to watch the series when it premieres on Sunday, February 21st at 6 P.M

VISIT The HÂRT Series official website, VISIT Initiative.dkf’s official website, FOLLOW Initiative.dkf on Twitter, and FOLLOW the company on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Initiative.dkf/Wofai Eyong

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