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After an intense first season of Zachariyah O’Neal’s The Inner Circle: Texas, a project that combined both The Inner Circle: Houston & The Inner Circle: Dallas, Zachariyah Productions is bringing back new seasons of both individual reality web series. Season two of #InnerCircleDAL finds most of the season one cast returning with a new addition, Mikey Alexander. Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Alexander about the upcoming season and his answers prove that he is the perfect addition to the Dallas cast. Check out the interview below where Mikey discusses his thoughts on Edgar Garcia, Khristina Calloway, Candice McKoy, & Darius Hunter, joining the show, and much more below.

-How did you become part of InnerCircleDal?

I actually was already watching the show before the thought of even becoming part of the cast. I met Zachary through a mutual friend, the first thing I let him know was how big of a fan of the show.  Weeks later, I get a message from him asking if I want to join the show. And of course I jumped on it…the offer of course!!

-Were you a fan of INNERCIRCLEDAL, INNERCIRCLEHOU, or INNERCIRCLETX before joining the show?

I’m familiar with all three series, but I would definitely say I was a fan of INNERCIRCLEDAL, the most. But maybe that’s me being bias, sorry not sorry. GO DALLAS WHOOP!!

-How was your first official day of filming?

OMG!!! I was so nervous! It did not hit me that I was going to be filming until I met everybody. The first day was kind of insane because I knew some information about a certain person, but from then on I have focused on having fun with a few of my cast members.


-What are your thoughts on each cast member?

Edgar – I will always love my bitch! He was such a big support system on the show.

Candice – I felt like I could relate to her the most because she was also the new member coming     in the show with everybody already pretty close to each other.  Although she does seem to insert herself in situation that don’t really pertain to her.

Khristina – Who doesn’t love a diva?!?!

Mama Trice – Very motherly and caring. I just love her high-spirited energy.

Darius – He isn’t really easy to read, but so far he is just okay. I don’t know him that well.

-What’s the one thing you hope the viewers will understand about you after watching the show?

The main thing I always want anybody to know about me, on screen and off, is that I am always the one you can be around and you will either have a laugh, a drink, a positive revelation, or all of the above. Life is too short. Let’s have a good time and leave the drama at home.

-In reality television, cast members usually end up having a specific role over the course of the season/show. What role do you think you’ll have? Why?

I would definitely be more of the fun party boy. In any reality show, I would always relate to the Snooki’s of the television world. I mean, if you are on TV, why not have the best possible time.

-What can fans expect from this season of INNERCIRCLEDAL?

We are actually still filming the season, so anything can happen. My biggest hope is that the fans will laugh as we are laughing on screen. I think the fans are going to have more fun this season, just based off of watching previous season, I feel like this would be one that people will enjoy as well as get their fill of drama.


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Photo Credit: Zachariyah Productions

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