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After giving the rap world a taste of her amazing rhymes on her EP Crash Course, rapper Teesh Tha Writer is ready to do it “Like This” and release her new single that will truly make her known as a force of nature. From an infections hook sung by MELo V to smooth rhymes, TheKeyMajors produced “Like This” is nothing short of greatness–trust me, this track will instantly make you bop your head back and forth! For those who don’t know, Teesh Tha Writer was born in Newark, NJ and developed a sound for music at the age of seven and began writing at the age of fifteen where she shadowed Jersey’s own Queen Latifah while also combining her music with live instruments such as the clarinet and the flute.

Years later, she developed her own style gaining attention from local upcoming artist such as Fraz, Swazo, and more. Teesh then appeared on No Rent TV’s In the Circle: Dreams of Newark and proved that her rap skills, as well as her personality, are more than up to par. Her EP, Crash Course, was released not too long ago and features the critically acclaimed singles “Headache” & “Ass City.” In addition, Teesh received Buzz Factor Female Artist of the Year award at the Hip Hop Junky Awards and even performed at Hip Hop Fest.

Recently, I got the chance to interview Teesh and she revealed that she was working on two upcoming projects. “I want people to be able to see both sides of Teesh Thawriter. So I’m doing an artist project and I’m doing a project as just the songwriter working with other artists.” In all, it’s pretty evident that Teesh is on her way up—“all the way up”—and there is no stopping her. Check out Teesh Tha Writer’s HIT new single “Like This,” featuring MELo V, below.


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Photo Credit: Twitter(TeeshThaWriter) & NoRentTV

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