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After Zachariyah ProductionsThe Inner Circle: Dallas made a big splash with explosive drama in their freshman season, they continued that drama on The Inner Circle: Texas with the cast of The Inner Circle: Houston. As a fan of the entire The Inner Circle franchise, #InnerCircleTX was nothing short of fireworks to say the least. Despite creating an entertaining show, creator Zachariyah O’Neal decided to bring back #InnerCircleDAL for a standalone second season premiering Friday, June 3rd at 7 P.M.! For those who do not know, #InnerCircleDAL is a reality web series that follows the lives of a group in Dallas as they deal with life, love, and a whole lot of drama!


Season one originals Edgar Garcia, Khristina Calloway, and Darius Hunter are back for #InnerCircleDAL’s sophomore season with Candice McKoy, who made her debut as a cast member on #InnerCircleTX. Joining the show as an official cast member is LaTrice “Mama Trice” Bess after making numerous appearances on #InnerCircleHOU and even Texas. Also new to the Dallas cast this season is Mikey Alexander! The trailer for season two of Dallas was recently released and it is nothing short of drama with a little bit of fun thrown in there!

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From the looks of it, the whole drama about Edgar’s behavior during #InnerCircleTX has spilled over onto this season and has created another division between him & Darius. Will these two ever be friends again? Even though he’s new, it seems like Mikey dives right into the action by arguing with Khristina and even having a tense moment with Candice. Unfortunately, Candice encounters more tense moments(or arguments) with Darius even though the two were as thick as thieves during the Texas show. Also, Khristina sits down with Candice to discuss the Texas drama that occurred between Candice & Zachariyah and Mama Trice tells Darius that she’s ready to have a divorce party. Uh oh—Mama Trice is ready to celebrate being a newly single woman! Check out the trailer to season two of The Inner Circle: Dallas below and be sure to catch the first episode when the season premieres on June 3rd at 7 P.M. via Zachariyah Productions.

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