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A new web series is ready to take over the YouTube world and I can assure you that it will leave you wanting more! Directed and produced by Robert Vickers, 80/20 follows “five women in different stages of their relationships and the drama that ensues around it all.” Created by Robin Vickers, 80/20 stars Brionna Scrivens, Kam Rory, Jennifer M’Koma, Kristin Rene, Ryan Denyse, Velithia Pendergrass, Sara DelaHaya, and Robert Vickers himself!

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For those who are confused as to what 80/20 means, the show’s title comes from the 80/20 rule via Robert Koch’s The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less and, most appropriately, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? While the principle is mostly known as a guide to achieve success, the 80/20 rule can also be used within the relationship & marriage realm. In Perry’s film, Malik Yoba’s character explains that in a relationship/marriage, you’re only going to get 80% of what you want and he advised Richard T. Jones’ character to not leave his wife for someone who can give him only 20% of what he needs.

In the premiere episode(titled “Cheaters”), viewers are immediarely drawn in as Nadine(Scrivens) receives calls from Whitney(DelaHaya) in regards to her boyfriend, Daren(Rory), being in a hotel with another woman. Uh oh! To find out what kind of love, lies, drama, and betrayal are in store for the main characters in this AMAZING new web series by Vicktory Entertainment, check out the intense pilot episode of 80/20 below and view more episodes HERE.

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Photo Credit: 80/20 Facebook Page/Vicktory Entertainment YouTube Page

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