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Starting something new can be intimidating sometimes and when it comes to first dates, the same rules apply. Created by Talibah Newman & Uzo Ometu, First Dates is a web series that “follows Samantha as she re-enters single life and is introduced to online dating and all of the craziness that it comes with as a woman, African-American and Type-A personality. Just like any other New Yorker, Sam wants friendship, love, sex and a good cocktail. Unfortunately for our favorite political consultant, those things aren’t always the easiest things to come by, and when they do appear, they often come with baggage–a lot of it.” First Dates stars Angela Wildflower(Roxanne, Roxanne) & Justin Sams(Bi).


After watching a few of the episodes, I now understand why most individuals are reluctant to date. In Sam’s case, the type of guys she went on a first date with was very unusual. In the very first episode, one guy kept checking his iPad for stocks while another kept focusing on sexual topics. Throughout the season, Sam actually manages to meet some decent guys and has some laughs along the way with the non-decent ones. This unfortunately all comes after her husband, Dave(Andre Columbus), says he wants a divorce ON Valentines Day. Check out episode one(titled “The Pilot”) of First Dates and view more episodes by clicking HERE.

Season one of this dramedy consisted of 10 incredible episodes and with season two ready to go, First Dates is part of the New Voices Crowdfunding Rally Competition to raise money for production. Check out the Seed & Spark campaign for First Dates & DONATE if you can by clicking HERE.

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