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An interesting new play is ready to make its mark in New York and this theatrical production is titled The Diary of a Mother. Written and produced by New York Author and Playwright Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum, The Diary of a Mother is a project that will allow society as a whole to explore the reactive account of losing a child and hopefully will encourage some and educate all of the aftermath & impact it epitomizes. The play takes the audience on a journey of eight women, exposing their moments of transparency, of complete and utter joy and their challenges of isolation, confusion, and sorrow when tragedy occurs uncovering the physical, emotional, and spiritual response to a devastating life event. The Diary of a Mother features Naomi Taylor as My son, Cristal Christian as Our Son, Passion NoLastNecessary as Michael’s Mother, Shaun Cott as the Victim’s Mother, Beverly Burton as The Mother, Elesia Knott as the Baby’s Mother, Natalie Shari as My Child, Akira Armstrong as Army Mom, and Tamara House as the Narrator/Counselor.

From the sound of it, The Diary of a Mother is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience that will truly impact the audience. Even though I do not have any children, I can recall many moments where I’ve been with my female friends who have children and the moments of them momentarily losing track of their kids. I distinctively remember being at Walmart with one of my female friends when she lost her son and she screamed throughout the whole building. We eventually found her son but the look on her face will forever be in my head. A Mother’s love for her child is something that can never be fully explained and I believe this play will prove that.

For those who don’t know, Hope is a graduate of Pace University and has written five novels including A Juice Story and A Gift of Sunshine. Her stage productions include A Gift of Sunshine, which created a larger awareness concerning child abuse. The play also received an award for the Betterment of Community. Some of her other projects include Never Judge a Book by Its Cover, a gospel musical that premiered in White Plains and later toured throughout the East Coast and several Southern States, and a short entitled the Trial of Ham, adapted from the African Bible.

The Diary of a Mother will be performed at The Riverfront Auditorium in Yonkers, NY on October 16th and October 30th. Check out the flyers below for more information on the play, the dates of production, and more. Also, you can purchase tickets to The Diary of a Mother by clicking HERE.



VISIT The Diary of a Mother’s official website and VISIT Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum’s official website.

Photo Credit: Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum

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