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From The Odd Couple and Bad Boys to Lethal Weapon, most comedic projects contain two lead actors who have great chemistry on camera and that is the case for Jackson & Lewis. Created by Pierre Coleman, Jackson & Lewis is a comedic web series that follows a pair of contract killers who decide to film a reality show. Jackson, a hypochondriac with short term memory loss, and Lewis, a wannabe action movie star, put their dysfunctional relationship on display to the world as each assignment devolves into a series of mishaps and insanity. Written by Coleman & Brian A. Beckworth, Jackson & Lewis stars Omar Scroggins(Power), Dee Martin(15 Till Midnight), and Safiya Grimsley(The Journey), who sings the theme song and also serves as a producer with Coleman & Scroggins.


After watching the first episode of Jackson & Lewis, I believe this web series is a hit! First, I believe it’s a genius idea to have the two main characters film a reality show on top of being contract killers AND having a dysfunctional relationship. The two lead actors are so funny and it’s pretty clear that they play off each other very well. It’s evident that Jackson’s short term memory is a challenge for Lewis but Lewis could be a challenge in the future since he’s just TOO comfortable in front of the camera like he believes he’s the star. In all, Jackson & Lewis is a fantastic web series that should be viewed by all.

Check out the first episode(titled “Bad Boys“) of Jackson & Lewis below and VIEW more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: YouTube/Facebook(Jackson & Lewis)


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