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A new comedic project is ready to make viewers laugh and if anyone is afraid of having roommates, this series will help relieve that fear. Directed, written, & produced by Lawrence Lee Wallace(Marvel Comics’ Night Thrasher: Rave, Villains), The Girls and Rodney follow the misadventures of Andrea(the bossy aggressive leader), Samantha(the smart but very twisted and unethical doctor), Brittney(the beautiful, sexy and spoiled rotten social butterfly), Alisha(the goofy airhead), and Rodney(the super weird but sweet male friend) as they scheme, lie and try to trick their way into fame and fortune through an alcoholic, drug and sex fueled haze of hilarious missteps. Available on, The Girls & Rodney stars Michelle Shelton Huff(Boss, Chicago Fire), Twon Cruz(The Cruz Washington Show, Real Friends), Edward Williams III(This Is Not Chiraq, Sunshine Day), Leslie Wells, Ari Khatib, Michelese Kavon, Carly D. Anderson, Terry Bell(This Is Not Chiraq, Sunshine Day), Chi-Brown, Jato Barbee, Stephanie Hart, Kimberly Washington, and Eric Lane(Empire, Trapped In The Closet).

Influenced by Family Guy, The Young Ones, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Girls & Rodney will feature a host of other interesting characters such as “Juicy,” a grimy pimp, “Durty Drawers,” an ambiguously gay gangster rapper, “Black Magnum” and “Fought Boy,” two super heroes’ styled after the 1960’s Batman and Robin, attempting to fight crime in this modern age, and “Dooley” and his incompetent drug gang that’s trying to go legit but everything they do backfires miserably. After watching the trailer, I truly believe that The Girls & Rodney is a fantastic series that will make ANY viewer laugh until they can’t any more! I am so excited for Lawrence Lee Wallace since he is a fantastic filmmaker and is on his way to stardom. Check out the trailer to The Girls & Rodney below where even Lawrence Lee Wallace shows off his acting chops at the end.

In the first episode, the girls wake up to find Rodney is missing after a night of binge drinking, smoking, and watching conspiracy movies. This kicks off an unreasonable conspiracy theory that sends the Girls on a mad and destructive hunt to find their missing buddy. Enter the street superheroes Black Magnum(Eric Lane) and Fought Boy as they face the “Dooley Gang” as well as the grimy pimp Juicy. You can view the first episode of The Girls & Rodney through by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Lawrence Lee Wallace/YouTube

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