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With Christmas in a few weeks, it only means one thing for TV watchers: Christmas themed movies & TV shows! From Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas to ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, there a dozen of entertainment programs focused around December 25th. While most of the programs include or focus on Santa Claus, a new project is all about Santa’s little helpers, elves. Directed by Bless Williams, Santa’s Warehouse is a short film about a little elf who must work on Christmas Eve. Will he be naughty or nice? Santa’s Warehouse stars Marcus Clemons and John Aviles.


After watching the project, I believe Santa’s Warehouse is a great short film that can bring some sort of laughter & joy to children and even adults. On top of this, I found the short film relatable. I’ve worked in retail for four to five years and my feelings about working on Christmas Eve were similar as the elf. I wanted to be with others celebrating and not working for a couple of hours. However, the elf in Santa’s Warehouse was a little naughty and I think he learned a lesson, in the end, about being rewarded for your hard work by Santa.


View Santa’s Warehouse below and be sure to check out more amazing projects from Williams via Bless Studios by clicking HERE.

Santa's Warehouse from Bless Studios on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: Bless Williams

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