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From Kenan & Kel to Broad City, most comedic sitcoms feature a main duo that provide an immense amount of laughs and this is the case for Nate & Jamie. Set in London, Nate & Jamie is a comedy web series centered on the antics of two mischievous young adults Nate(OgaSamuel Williams) and Jamie(Joshua Samuels). Written & directed by Kashif Boothe, the first season follows Jamie and the ups and downs of his new relationship with Michelle(Lauren Douglin). Nate gets into a lot of situations he’d rather avoid; he has good intentions but ends up in getting caught in tricky situations. Besides OgaSamuel Williams, Joshua Samuels, and Lauren Douglin, Nate & Jamie also stars Abbie Samuel. The web series has been featured on Mad News UK & The British Blacklist. Recently, the first episode of Nate & Jamie premiered and it is hilarious!

While both lead actors are funny, I think it’s pretty clear who’s the main troublemaker and who’s the level headed one. In the first episode, Nate makes a fool out of himself with presenting a coupon while on a double date and I could not stop laughing while being in utter shock at his actions. Jamie, on the other hand, offered to cover the check and even tried to prevent Nate from getting into a fight with the waiter. What is wrong with Nate?!


After watching the first episode of Nate & Jamie, I am very excited to see the rest of the season and what other shenanigans will occur. Check out the first episode(titled “Double Date”) of Nate & Jamie and be sure to check out upcoming episodes & more by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Kashif Boothe

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