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Have you ever just wanted a venue where you can talk all the “ish” you want with other same-minded people? Well, the hosts of IshTalkTV get to do that all the time via YouTube and radio. Hosted by AJTurnUp & Bmore, as well as Champagne301(aka Champagne Ron), IshTalkTV is the “social media” show where the sports fan, pothead, and ladies man come together and discuss topics ranging from social and political issues to tabloid and celebrity news, sex and relationships, love, and games. Along with a variety of guests, the hosts can get in-depth and debate topics!


After watching a few episodes, I think this show is too funny! The hosts seriously have NO chill when it comes to certain, or all, topics. The hosts and guests all have strong opinions and it makes the show even more entertaining. Check out an episode of IshTalkTV where they discuss Airbnb, relationships, and more below and view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: IshTalkTV/Bmore

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