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Whether on a vacation or in college, most people have had a roommate or two in their lifetime and the experience can be a good or bad one. When different personalities live under one roof, it could be a recipe for disaster with a splash of laughter and that seems to be the case for the roommates in #LoveMyRoomie. Created & executive produced by Yhá Mourhia Wright, #LoveMyRoomie is a mock “reality” comedic web series about the drama that ensues when three roommates in New York City, Giselle, U’Moriah, and Yasmine, come together– well, sort of–to create a web series that showcases their lives as artists in NYC. The three women are forced to attempt to cope with their differing personalities and interests while having to live in very close quarters in their two bedroom apartment. Random guests come in and out of the apartment, awkward romance sparks between U’Moriah and their invasive neighbor, and skeletons in all of their closets are exposed! Besides being the creator and executive producer of #LoveMyRoomie, Yhá Mourhia Wright stars in the project alongside Ashley Versher and Katherine George.


After watching the first two episodes, I believe #LoveMyRoomie is a fantastic web series that kept me laughing throughout both entire episodes. The three roommates, G.U.Y.(Giselle, U’Moriah, & Yasmine), could not be any more different and that makes the show even more funny. While Giselle definitely strives to be a reality TV queen by being very overzealous when the cameras are rolling, Yasmine & U’Moriah do not care about being on camera. To be honest, the show is a hot mess “on and off camera” and I cannot wait to see whether things get better, or not, in future episodes. For now, check out episode one of #LoveMyRoomie below.

After watching the first episode, check out a trailer for what’s to come from this season of #LoveMyRoomie below.

VISIT YháWright Productions’ official website, FOLLOW #LoveMyRoomie on Instagram, LIKE the show on Facebook, and VIEW it on Stareable.

Photo Credit: Yhá Mourhia Wright

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