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Once an individual turns 18 years old, they are considered an adult and must now live their lives like every other 18+ aged people. Unfortunately, it takes a few years for some people to begin their lives as an adult, which is the case for the main character in The New Adult. Created by Katherine Murray-Satchell, The New Adult follows 30-something year old Amber after being kicked out of her parent’s home and learning how to live on her own.  Being a slacker, Amber is now given a hard dose of reality. She’s cool, brash, and sometimes flat-out rude. The New Adult documents her journey, her failures, and a few successes, as she struggles to work out what it means to be an adult. Produced by Cara Brown and T.F. McMichael, The New Adult stars Amber Morse as Amber, Lauren Augarten as Jamie, Michael Orlandi as Fallon, Daisun Cohn-Williams as Joe, and Fadhia Carmelle Marcelin as Jade. The New Adult is a six part web series that’s set to premiere every Wednesday starting March 1st.


The trailer for The New Adult was recently released and after viewing, I cannot wait to see the show! The content and storyline for this web series is very interesting since a lot of people say the famous line “Being an adult sucks” and this pretty much describes Amber. After graduating college, individuals are expected to get a job and start their lives before settling down years later with marriage & a family of their own. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for everybody and I have a feeling The New Adult can provide some hope that there’s always a chance to start over.

Check out the trailer for The New Adult below and be on the lookout for the series premiere premiering March 1st then a new episode every Wednesday thereafter.

VISIT The New Adult’s official website, VISIT Katherine Murray-Satchell’s official website, and FOLLOW Katherine on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Katherine Murray-Satchell

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