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When problems arise, we are advised, usually by family or friends, to “never run away from your problems.” However, this isn’t the case for the main characters in the web series Roseland. Written and directed by Erica Lumpkins and Rondell Regan, Roseland follows two friends who are drug lords, Sean(Raphael Deangelo) and Caleb(Regan), on the run from New York City. Once they settle in a Chicago area neighborhood known as Roseland, the goal is to try to rebuild what they lost. Things heat up when past and future begin to interfere with the current goal. Watch as these two learn valuable lessons like wanting it all isn’t all that important as appreciating what’s necessary. Besides Rondell Regan and Raphael Deangelo, Roseland also stars Jamie Sherman, Kejaun Darby, Aja Ruiz, Camille Christina, and Erica Lumpkins.


After watching the first two episodes, I believe Roseland is a drama that has all the right ingredients. There’s a bit of rawness in the show mixed with a hint of grittiness and the icing on the cake is the great acting. Both Regan and Deangelo are impeccable as Caleb & Sean and the chemistry between them is perfect on screen. Roseland also has a mystery aspect to it as far as the meetings with Pam(Sherman) about her “cutting Sean in” with her “girls” around and Caleb asking young Q(Darby) to “work” for him. Despite not being in the concrete jungle known as NYC, Sean & Calem still strive to be the kings in the drug business even in Chicago.


In the first episode(titled “G for Gangsta”), Sean and Caleb arrive in Chicago and Sean pays an old friend a visit to jump start his career while Caleb finds the connection he was hoping for in a 19 year old teen. Check out the first episode below and be sure to view more episodes of Roseland by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Erica Lumpkins/Roseland

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