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In today’s world, the everyday hustle is different for every individual and a new web series plans to showcase a different kind of hustle for young black millenials. Created, written, and executive produced by Alonge Hawes, Blue Collar Hustle is the story of four young black men in Stone Mtn. GA – looking to change their fortunes and find their calling through art, music, and a bit of imagination; all the while juggling the everyday responsibilities of families, job security, and above all else—the reality of existing as black men in modern day society. Directed & produced by Geoffrey Henderson, Blue Collar Hustle stars Howard Woodburn, Shani Hawes, Tijuana Agnew, Quentin Williams, Roberto “Sosa” Cruz, and Alonge Hawes.

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According to Blue Collar Hustle’s Seed & Spark page, the web series “is the story that we never see on television or the big screen. So many portrayals of African and African American characters fall into the same stereotype–uneducated, poverty stricken individuals living amongst filth and decay; with only gangs and drug dealing provided as a way out. Our depiction of the black experience in America portrays working class men and women who, after spending the majority of their lives attempting to live up to and carry on the ideology of the ‘Talented Tenth’, have decided to define black excellence on their own terms. These are characters who are complex, talented, responsible, and are coming together to build something of their own.”

After watching the first episode of Blue Collar Hustle, I believe this web series premiered at the right time! This web series does a great job at showing viewers the other side of what they see and hear about black men & women in today’s world. I honestly couldn’t help but smile throughout this whole episode. Blue Collar Hustle is the kind of entertainment that can bring some positivity to this world!

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In episode one(titled “Where I Belong”) of Blue Collar Hustle, Ajani Garvey is a 20-something African American businessman who is about to meet someone whose dream will forever change his future. Check out episode one below and be on the lookout for more episodes of Blue Collar Hustle by clicking HERE. Also, CONTRIBUTE to Blue Collar Hustle’s Seed & Spark crowd funding campaign by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Alonge Hawes/Blue Collar Hustle

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