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When it comes to secrets, it’s usually meant to be kept private and not spread to other parties. Unfortunately, a new short film proves that even the dirtiest of secrets cannot be hidden among a close group of friends. Created & directed by Moritz J. Williams(Giants), Dirty Laundry is a dramatic short film “about a group of millennials who have been friend for years and decide to do a group outing since they haven’t seen each other in a while. The group decides to have an impromptu game night and things get heated as questions and jokes are made about personal lives and relationships. The group has a secret that no one saw coming and it is exposed in the worst way.” Released on February 16th, Dirty Laundry stars Brandy Carter, Erica Green, Alisha Henson, Denisha Hardeman, Stacy Ike, Chauncey A. Jenkins, Ryan Mays, Austin Parks, and Moritz J. Williams himself as Jackie, Alima, Jess, Vanessa, Drea, Terrence, Ray, Jordan, and Trey.

After watching Dirty Laundry one time, I have to admit that I had to watch it at least two more times because it’s a great short film! The actors & actresses were fantastic in their roles and the storyline moved perfectly. What started off as a night out with friends turned deadly towards the end and I did not see it coming! I even started to see some of my own friends’ personalities in some of the characters and questioned whether this would ever happen to my circle of friends. Thankfully, I don’t think it ever will because none of my friends are THAT insane. However, Mr. Williams’ group of friends were perfect as there were some who were instigators, some who were innocent bystanders, and others who threw shade like it was their job.

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To be completely honest, I’m hoping Mr. Williams decides to make this short film a pilot for a possible web series because I, and the rest of the fans who commented under the project via YouTube, would like to know what happens next in Dirty Laundry. Will the close group of friends ever come together again? Can they move past the events that occurred in the film? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Mr. Williams does but for now, watch Dirty Laundry below.

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Photo Credit: Moritz J. Williams

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