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While having one roommate might not seem ideal for some, two or more roommates can be an easy recipe for disaster. Written by Mykell Barlow, 202 The Series “follows three African American roommates and their struggles to achieve their dreams while figuring out how to pay rent. After falling months behind on rent, struggling singer Nya Gold and her straight laced friend Lola have to find a new roommate. Dwight moves in and brings secrets, drama, and a whole lot of sass.” Directed by Justin Patten, this dramedy stars Malynda Hale, Tia Robinson, Lyonel Roneau and Harry Holmes.

After watching the first episode of 202 The Series, I cannot wait to watch more episodes of this fantastic web series. I could not stop laughing at the first scene between Nya & Lola since Nya is just relaxing on the couch while Lola is just coming in from work. While she was talking about an incident at the restaurant she works at, it honestly brought back so many memories of my work experience in retail. When I worked in retail, I’ve had so many rude customers that I was tempted to do what Lola did many times.


Once I saw Dwight enter the show towards the end of the first episode of 202 The Series, I had an instant feeling that his personality will clash with one of the roommates and it happens to be Lola. So far, Dwight has two strikes with Lola by insulting her name and ignoring her input on whether or not the roommates should do a house warming party. However, I believe there’s going to be more animosity between the two in the future episodes and I’m excited to watch. For now, check out the first episode of 202 The Series below and view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Mykell Barlow


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