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In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for one to have heard the terms “stepford wives” and “side chicks.” However, a new and interesting web series is going to take both terms, which have two different meanings, and surprisingly combine them. Created and written by Lenore Coer, Stepford SideChix follows Ty who, in an effort to secure a career as a respected writer, exploits the world of the “other woman” through the sometimes hilarious, often dramatic experiences of her once close-knit group of friends. Directed by SwisyzinnaStepford SideChix stars Coer, Swisyzinna, Stevie “Rome” Green, Michele Woodson, Gerald Dewey, Jessica Obilom, Colby Lemmo, and Lawrence Saint-Victor.

When I first read the title for this web series, I already had an idea of what this web series might be. However, after watching the first three episodes, Stepford SideChix is a fantastic show really focused on friendship. To be honest, it’s almost like Sex and the City meets Mistresses—both TV series focused on a close group of friends and their love life. Besides the great acting and storylines, I really like how Coer made the five main ladies diverse. While some ladies are single and dating, one of the ladies is married to her high school sweetheart and even has kids. However, she was right there with the other women to support one of their own in the first episode.


Check out the first episode of Stepford SideChix below and be sure to view more episodes by clicking HERE

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