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Please Tell us about yourself:

I was born and raised in Tottenham, London in the 1960s. I have one sister and I currently  work in the Police Service. I am married with two children. My hobbies are socializing, reading and going to the gym. I was a healthy, fun loving individual going about everyday life when  only through requesting a routine Mammogram, I shockingly  discovered that I had early stage breast cancer.


What inspired you to write Same Path Different Shoes?

I was inspired to write the book because although I am a private person,  I felt such a great sense of pain, I wanted to share my raw feelings with the world. I didn’t know how to so I wrote notes, this developed into a book describing my true  honest account of my pain from diagnosis to my operation ( Mastectomy and DIEP surgery).

Tell us about the book.
I describe my upbringing… my life and how I discovered breast cancer, the pain. Telling my family and friends ( My Sister is deaf so communication was challenging) being the patient in bed number 11 and  my frustrations and feelings. This topic is considered to be taboo, but so common. I wanted to break this silence and to reach out to the world and say its ok.It’s effects everyone, we all know someone suffering from cancer.
I write extracts of the book are written  in Greek, Urdu and Polish- this is to send a personal message to those communities and characters in the book. This book is funny and innovative and will inspire others, whether through curiosity, going through or have been, it is designed to engage with the public and give comfort.



Who will get the most out of reading your book?
The book is heartfelt and will appeal to most. I address the audience as though I speak personally to you.  You will  get a feel for my dilemma and through reading the book, you will feel as though you know me. Also I want to encourage all women to speak out and support each other. Many communities keep quiet about their illness, my message is its nothing to be ashamed about, be strong and beautiful. The book is for men, husbands, children, friends ands relatives. All ages over 18. The book is also for caregivers and will appeal to all women regardless of race or gender.

What’s next ?

Why not consider a Black British film based on the book, it will appeal to those born in the 1960/70s where I describe growing up as a child to date.
Cancer is current- we need more awareness and to reach out to those who may feel alone and vulnerable.
I will be making a donation to Fabulous and Beautiful Breast Cancer Charity.
This will enable women going through treatment to care for their nails, hair and makeup with a view of making them feel whole and confident again.

Where can we purchase the book?
Link to the book or


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