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From 50 Cent’s “I Run New York” to Bad Girls Club’s Natalie Nunn’s infamous “I Run L.A.,” it seems like every place has someone who “runs” it. However, a new web series proves that the fight for ownership over a city can result in war. Directed, written, produced, and edited by Stephon Brown(Dinero and Alaina), Who Run This Town is an action/drama set in Columbus, Ohio around Zeus. After Zeus’ parents are assassinated, it’s up to him to keep the infamous family empire standing. As old and new enemies start to move in on his territory, Zeus doesn’t know who to trust in the mist of war over control of the city. Who Run This Town stars Teaky Elder, Sherise Nania, Char Williams, Taron Jordan, Kay Hill, Brandon Lipsey, Tonio Smith, and Mesha Brown as Zeus, Sam, Tink, Zo, Medusa, T.J., Dallas, and Ariel.


While the trailer for Who Run This Town had me interested in the show, I have to commend Brown on an amazing first episode. Three minutes into the pilot episode and someone gets shot! The action begins right away with multiple gun shots and ultimate chaos. Throughout the episode, different characters are introduced and a few are even killed here and there. It became very evident that a lot of the characters take NO prisoners when it comes to fighting for control of the city.

In all, Who Run This Town is an exciting web series with a great amount of action and drama that can keep any viewer invested. Check out the first episode(titled “The Past, The Present, and The Future”) below and be sure to view more episodes of Who Run This Town via Lavish Film Factory by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Stephon Brown

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