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Summer 2017 is going to be a great season full of exciting web series ready to make an impact and one of those is The Circle: New York City. After taking over the online world with his unabashed LGBT-themed video blogging series as he travels around America documenting Pride events and community forums providing entertaining content while spreading awareness, Lester “Newnue” Matthews created a reality web series in 2012. Simply titled The Circle, the project followed Newnue and three of his friends(J.C., Santae, and L Boogie) during a weekend in Dallas, TX. Besides hosting the Dallas Pride Movement and introducing viewers to his friends and family, Newnue experienced some drama with his crew.

Three years later, in 2015, Newnue created The Circle: NYC, which followed the lives of five entertainers in New York City who are leaders of the LGBTQ Community. These five individuals opened up their lives to the world that showcases personal life, dreams, talent, and struggles. Season one of this YBN Entertainment production included actress/dancer Tamara, singer/songwriter Damien, entrepreneur/adult star Envy, actor/model Travis, and Newnue himself, producer & v-blogger. Like The Circle, the show documented a lot of drama among the group and things got tense a few times during the show. However, The Circle: NYC also managed to showcase the productive side of these five individuals and proved that each of them is a hustler in their own lane.

With the first season creating a big buzz among viewers and fans of YBN Entertainment, The Circle: NYC is back for a second season with some returning players and a few new faces thrown into the mix. Newnue, Travis, and Damien are back to continue persevering in their respective careers and joining them for season two are entertainer/exotic dancer Paris, promoter Julius, rapper Melli B, and celebrity make-up artist Carlos. Season two of The Circle: NYC premieres May 30th and judging from the super trailer, this season is sure to have a good amount of drama, brotherhood, and hustle. While Newnue’s feud with Travis continues in the second season, it seems as though he has a new feud with Carlos in the works. However, the majority of the drama for season two seems to be centered on Melli B. From arguments with Paris and Carlos to a heated conversation with Travis, Melli B is definitely the cast member who is not afraid of confrontation.

Check out the super trailer for season two of The Circle: NYC below and be sure to view the season premiere tomorrow, May 30th, via YBN Entertainment.

VISIT YBN Entertainment’s official website and FOLLOW The Circle: NYC on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Instagram(The Circle New York City)

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