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When it comes to pursuing dreams, most individuals are willing to do anything to achieve the dream and this definitely applies to the main character in Shampagne. Created, written, and executive produced by Melissa Mickens, Shampagne follows M, a 20-something actress in New York City, fed up with having to fit into the industry’s “black girl” box, and decides to break convention, sort of, and become a hip-hop star, who will then book oodles of acting work.  Shampagne stars Mickens, Barron B. Bass, Alicia Lundgren, David J. Cork, Kendra Holloway, and Jason Gray, who also serves as the director. In addition to the main cast, Shampagne features Amber Chardae Robinson and Christopher Wayne Usher.

After viewing the first few episodes, I truly think Shampagne is one hilarious web series that has a great concept. Like most people, I wouldn’t necessarily think that to be a successful actor/actress, you have to be a great rapper. Both professions are different but from watching Shampagne, I truly could see the similarities. The character of M actually gains confidence from her alter rap ego, Shampagne, and it’s great to see her growth.

Besides the web series showcasing M’s journey of growth and confidence to pursue her acting dreams, Shampagne’s comedy is fantastic. Mickens is a great actress and comedian because I saw a bit of myself in M during the audition in episode one. When I used to audition for plays in high school, I used to get very nervous and would psych myself up right before like M did.

Check out the first episode(titled “The Idea”) of Shampagne below and be sure to view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Melissa Mickens/Shampagne

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