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When it comes to special occasions like prom or a wedding, most men choose a suit and tie to wear. While wearing a simple suit and tie is always a good choice, accessorizing the elegant attire isn’t a bad one either and a great company to help accessorize with is TYED BY DEDE. Started by Deroll Scarlett, TYED BY DEDE has a variety of products for men, as well as a few for women and children, ranging from bowties and hats to suspenders and socks. Scarlett started out creating bowties and decided to turn it into a business because bowties are “hard to find in stores” and are expensive once found.

According to Scarlett, a TYED BY DEDE customer “won’t have to worry about attending any event and having 20 people in the same tie…You pick the fabric and we’ll do the rest. No more expensive bowties and clip-on’s.” While TYED BY DEDE might seem new to some, the company has been making strides for some time now and they’ve had great press along the way.

The company has teamed up with Operation Prom, a nonprofit organization to alleviate financial burden for students and their families during prom season. TYED BY DEDE has also collaborated with America’s Next Top Model alumni Bianca Golden to feature their bow tie line for the youth. All funds went towards a retreat for the kids of Hollis, Queens.

While there are many individual products, TYED BY DEDE also provides potential customers with a monthly subscription box. Each box contains the luxury tie of the month, suspenders, socks, a pocket square, and a label pin. Recently, I received my own subscription box and I am VERY pleased with my assortment of products. The color choice was a fantastic duo of orange and blue, which I thought was great, and the packaging was very crisp. The unveiling of my subscription box can be seen in the Instagram video below.

TYED BY DEDE is definitely on its way to becoming a household name with amazing products for the everyday man and even a few for women and children. With Fathers Day right around the corner, a monthly subscription box might be the perfect gift for the Dad in your life. If not, TYED BY DEDE offers more for Fathers Day and any other special occasion you can think of. For more information, visit TYED BY DEDE’s official website. Also, check out TYED BY DEDE’s look book below.

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