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Even though 2017 is almost over in a few short months, there’s still a slew of new and returning web series ready to premiere and make a big splash in the entertainment field. Black Talent TV has comprised a list of 10 upcoming web series to be on the lookout for before 2018 and they range from reality to a murder mystery. Check out the 10 selections below and be sure to mark your calendars.

5Knives(July 14, 2017)

Written and directed by Kar Logan(Only The Strong Survive), 5Knives follows five friends who, with a hangover, wake up after a wild party to discover the dead body of a dear friend in the apartment. To make things worse, they each have a bloody knife in their possession and little to no recollection of the night before. With all signs pointing to them, they have to find out the true killer before it’s too later or else it will be the last party they’ll ever have. Premiering July 14th, 5Knives stars Cylla Senii(Situationships), Korey Graham(Situationships), Nicolette Ellis(Stiletto Dreams), David Clarke(Only The Strong Survive), and Logan himself, as well as introducing Eric Hardy. Get ready for a classic whodunit with a few laughs in between! Check out the official trailer for 5Knives below.

Mistake(July 17, 2017)

Beginning July 17th, Monday’s are going to be deemed #MistakeMondays once this web series premieres! Written by Nicolette Ellis(Situationships), who also stars as Maddie, Mistake follows the Wright family who, troubled by the death of Melissa Wright’s mother, go through unforeseen obstacles that begin to hinder all of their family relations. While this is occurring, the Love family enters their lives. In every mysterious way possible, they go from good to bad.

Mistake touches on how your past can affect your future and the mental illnesses of anger, alcoholism, greed, and depression. Directed by Kendall Glaspie, Felisha George, and Spencer Slishman, Mistake also stars Imana Breaux, Claudia McCoy, Will Strong, Dorothy Myers, David A. Wallace, Cylla Senii, Daniel Cunningham, Ayden George, Channing Jackson, Tomas Bergland, and Atika Greene. Check out the official trailer for Mistake below.

Uhuru Now(Summer 2017)

Set in New York City, Uhuru Now “follows six college students attending Lorenzo Jason University(LJU) while seeking purpose in their lives. Whether they’re finding truth, trust, vulnerability, or themselves, each student is in search of something. As they embark on the journey to find their place in society as young black men and women, they join LJU’s Pan African society ‘Uhuru Now’ which allows them to explore the social issues they’re forced to face daily. As all six learn to adjust to new territory while balancing their relationships, identity, and new-found freedoms, they are striving for one common goal – to use this platform to discuss much needed change and growth in this country. Each Uhuru Now meeting compels the characters to re-evaluate how they think and relate, as we sit back and watch their personal relationships unfold.”

Set to premiere THIS Summer, Uhuru Now stars co-creators Ashlee Danielle & Jarred Solomon, Aaron Johnson, Carmen Noelia, Barbyly Noel, and Brandon Mellette, as well as Steven Strickland, Shameeka Bromfield, and Jacqueline Springfield. We can already tell that Uhuru Now is going to be one of those web series that will leave audiences filled with awe after every episode. Check out the official trailer for Uhuru Now below.

In The Circle: Dreams vs. Reality(September 15, 2017)

After approximately two years, JosephJoey GGarrett’s In The Circle is back for a fifth season with a fresh group of ambitious twenty-somethings in New York City, as well as a few appearances from past dream chasers who waste no time interacting with the new crew. This time around, the struggle is intense between the dreams that light up the hearts of these go-getting individuals and the urgent realities that cloud their minds.  From intense relationship struggles to fire starting personal views that send this group into disarray, you will find shock around every corner.

Premiering September 15th, the new set of dream chasers for this season of In the Circle: Dreams vs. Reality are Chantia, Zoe, Travis, Boa, Izzie, and Tina, as well as Karee and Megan. This season of In The Circle will also feature appearances from Brownie(In The Circle 3: Brooklyn), Betsy(In The Circle 4), and CeCe(In The Circle 4). The latter two had a big feud during the web series’ fourth season so we’re wondering how they’ll get along(or not) during this season. Check out the official trailer for In the Circle: DVR below.

Giants Season 2(Fall 2017)

After a tremendous first season that garnered so much praise, Giants returns for a second season THIS fall. Created, directed, written, and executive produced by James Bland, who also stars in the project, season one of Giants three black millennials: Malachi(Bland), Journee(Vanessa Baden Kelly) and Ade(Sean Samuels), each battling their own inner giants as they approach age 30. The web series touched on REAL issues including mental health, sexual identity, religious skepticism and unorthodox methods of economic survival.

Bland and the Giants team wanted the second season to show the audience “how these characters overcome their challenges to find peace, liberation and happiness.” Season two of Giants is currently being filmed but for now, view the first season below.


Situationships Season 2(Fall 2017)

Created, directed, and starring Cylla Senii, Situationships premiered in February 2016 and provided viewers with a visual definition of what a “situationship” is or can be. Season one of the dramedy followed eight young people in New York City who find themselves ‘talking’ to people, dating people, having relations with people, but ultimately having no title with their partners. They aren’t in your traditional ‘relationship’—they are actually in a ‘situationship.’” Besides Senii, season one of Situationships starred Tarion Taylor, Amylee Sanchez, Sean Martin, Nicolette Ellis, Jonathan Iglesias, Allison Frasca, and Korey Graham.

After a great first season, Situationships is back for season two with a few new additions to the cast, new storylines, and some new romances in the works. We’re definitely excited to see what’s new(or not new) with the characters from season one! While we wait for season two to premiere in the fall, check out the first episode of Situationships at BLAVITY.

The Lyons Den Season 8(Fall 2017)

Writer, director, producer, and actor Karlton T. Clay has created many successful web series that instantly grab the attention of viewers. However, Clay continues to keep audiences interested with the forever changing dynamics between the Lyons family, their friends, and lovers in the critically acclaimed web series The Lyons Den. After the “death” of their father, the Lyons siblings and their loved ones haven’t been able to properly grieve. From secrets and betrayal to revelations of other family members, the Lyons crew has yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Season eight of The Lyons Den will have even more twists and turns around every corner and just as much, if not more, drama! Premiering this fall, season eight of The Lyons Den stars Shantelle Wheeler, Shatareia Stokes, Karlton T. Clay, Kendra Clay, Reishal Monique, Noah & Jonah Quarles, Ronza Bee, and Antrinese Snell, as well as Tyeasha VanBuren, Deak Jay, and Terrence Wilson as new official cast members. Check out the first seven seasons of The Lyons Den below to catch up, if you haven’t, before season eight in the fall.

#LoveMyRoomie Season 2(Fall 2017)

Whether from being in college or getting an apartment, most people have had a roommate or two in their lifetime and the experience can be a good or bad one. Season one of Yhá Mourhia Wright’s #LoveMyRoomie proved that having two or more roommates could be a recipe for disaster. #LoveMyRoomie is a mock “reality” comedic web series about the drama that ensues when three roommates in New York City, Giselle, U’Moriah, and Yasmine, come together– well, sort of–to create a web series that showcases their lives as artists in NYC. The three women are forced to attempt to cope with their differing personalities and interests while having to live in very close quarters in their two bedroom apartment. Besides being the creator and executive producer of #LoveMyRoomie, Wright stars in the project alongside Ashley Versher and Katherine George.

Season two of #LoveMyRoomie is going to take things to a whole new level as it will be a provocative dramedy digital mini-series, which delves much deeper into the mental, financial, and societal pressures that these three women face as they grapple with the tug-of-war in life as they attempt to establish their independence during an age of self-discovery. Check out the teaser for season two of #LoveMyRoomie below.

Untitled B.E. Cre8ive Productions Web Series(Fall 2017)

From the people of the critically acclaimed web series D.C. Yuppies, B.E. Cre8ive Productions has a new web series that’s set to premiere this fall! Not too much has been shared yet, but the storyline follows a group of black suburbanites through drama that could either strengthen their long-lasting ties, or ultimately tear them apart. The subplot will also parody the web series production process. Web series creators will relate, and viewers will love the satire.

Creator Brandon Hairston says a production update will happen when the B.E. Cre8ive YouTube channel reaches 450 subscribers, and the official trailer at 500 subscribers. For now, view(and then SUBSCRIBE) a promo video for the new web series below.

Bondage(TBA 2017)

It seems as though writer, director, producer, and actor Karlton T. Clay is showing NO signs of slowing down with the upcoming release of ANOTHER amazing project. In a recent interview, Clay says Bondage, which stars Nelson J. Davis(Lover’s Lane), centers on “Maurice Bond(Davis), a recovering sex addict and former male escort. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Bond gets back into his former profession and puts his recovery process at risk. In addition to Bond’s story, other characters deal with other addictions, such as drugs and alcoholism, which keep them in “bondage.”

Besides Davis, Bondage stars Brynn Mosley, Jessica Aiken Lark, David G. Melvin, Anissa Marie, Renaissance Jones, and Shartiera Wilkerson. This web series looks VERY interesting and I cannot wait to watch! Check out the official trailer to Bondage below.

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