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Atlanta native and Los Angeles transplant, Bobby Huntley is a name we ought to remember. He’s a film writer and producer who is bringing Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy to life. This military brat has always had a passion for film. From the young age of 10 years old, Bobby received his first camera from his father. He became the family cinematographer. Each moment spent with his family growing up he utilized them for his own short films, which followed him all throughout his academic career where he would turn in short films as an alternative to writing papers.

It wasn’t until his senior year of high school when he realized that filmmaking was something he could actively pursue as a career, which encouraged him to go art school to study film. From his family to his friends and even the teachers he’s had along the way, Bobby knew he had a purpose and his tribe did too. He knew this was the path for him when he came to the conclusion that with or without the support of others, he was doing this. With a drive and determination like his, there was no way those closest to him could deny his innate talent for visual storytelling.

Huntley started gaining notoriety back in 2015 when his New Edition biopic trailer, NE HEARTBREAK, went viral several times. With the popularity of this video, he has been able to get his foot in the door and gain the attention of some major people in the entertainment industry. He and his team managed to recreate the iconic videos and looks of the group with a very small budget and borrowed gear-resources from his mentor, Chet A. Brewster of Davenstar 1 Entertainment.

“If it wasn’t for him believing in me and allowing this random kid into his office everyday and being so giving with his resources and knowledge, who knows where I would be today. Not a lot of people have such a mentor and I recognize how extremely blessed I am because of it. My talent was nurtured in the best way under his tutelage,” says Bobby Huntley III.

If you ask Bobby about how he feels being a Black filmmaker today, he would say we are living in a “renaissance.” He feels unstoppable and so inspired to be amongst the next generation of creators such as Issa Rae, Donald Glover and Jordan Peele. He would love to collaborate with other filmmakers and creatives. It’s something he thrives off of and it helps him to reach the goal of being the most sought after director/filmmaker of our generation. “This is a great time for Black creatives,” says Bobby. He advises anyone looking to break into this business that it’s very important you study, get your hands on equipment as early as possible and do not let financial constraints limit you.

Bobby recently completed his first feature length film, La Vie Magnifique de Charlie which was just accepted into the Bronze Lens Film Festival in Atlanta, GA. This is the first film he’s pushing for the world to see and we at Black Talent TV cannot wait to see this magical film. La Vie Magnifique de Charlie follows Charlie after the untimely death of her sister Brandy. Everyone around Charlie is a bit thrown off with how she approaches her grieving process. With this film, Bobby wanted to create a film that showed what self-exploration looked liked when it wasn’t centered around men. This film is light-hearted with a dash of grit and all around magical.

Leading ladies of La Vie Magnifique de Charlie: (left to right) Nikki Lashae, Kortnee Price, Ashley S. Evans, Lailaa Brookings. Shot by Buckhead Studio Photography.

Check out La Vie Magnifique de Charlie extended trailer here. For more information on the film and to find out when it’s coming to a city near you please visit Do not forget to follow Bobby Huntley II on and Instagram @bhuntleyfilms.


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