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After much anticipation, this week marks the beginning of #MistakeMondays with the premiere of Mistake, a thriller/mystery web series. Written by Nicolette Ellis, Mistake follows the Wright family who, troubled by the death of Melissa Wright’s mother, go through unforeseen obstacles that begin to hinder all of their family relations. While this is occurring, the Love family enters their lives. In every mysterious way possible, they go from good to bad. Directed by Kendall Glaspie, Felisha George, and Spencer Slishman, Mistake touches on how your past can affect your future and the mental illnesses of anger, alcoholism, greed, and depression.

After watching the first two episodes of Mistake, which premiered on July 17th, I quickly wandered the official website to find out when the next episode will be. Both episodes left me wanting MORE! Imana Breaux was FANTASTIC as Shelby–her vulnerability spoke volumes during her therapy scene. After a great performance as Lance on Tough Love, Will Strong continues to showcase his intuitive talent as Shawn. As for Ellis, Mistake only adds to her impressive resume and further proves that she’s a top notch actress & creator. The rest of the cast are just as great and embody their characters perfectly. 

In the inaugural episode(titled “Life”), most of the characters and their situations are introduced. While Maddie(Ellis) goes to a job interview and gets hired on the spot by Jared(Tomas Bergland), the Wright family deal with a death in the family in different ways. Shelby(Imana Breaux) decides to go to Karen(Dorothy Myers), a therapist, to talk about her Grandmother’s death while the relationship with her parents, Melissa(Claudia McCoy) & Shawn(Will Strong), begins to self destruct. In the end, Karen goes home and puts her file on the table where a mysterious hand grabs it. #IsSheEvenATherapistAtAll?

In episode two(titled “Unexpected”), Maddie begins her new job and introduces herself to Michael(David A. Wallace), a coworker who’s clearly fond of Maddie after he initially saw her in the first episode while working with Shayna(Cylla Senii). It is then revealed that Shawn works at the same company as Maddie and even interrupts her conversation with Michael to introduce himself. Next, Shelby shows up late to a dinner with her mom and brother, Shawn Jr.(Daniel Cunningham), and decides to brings her boyfriend, Alex(Channing Jackson). In the end, a fight erupts between Melissa and Shawn that has Shelby worried.


With the next episode set to premiere on July 31st, I’m hoping to have answers to the questions that came up during the show. Who grabbed Sheby’s file off Karen’s dinner table? Is someone out to destroy the Wright family? Is there going to be a love triangle between Maddie, Michael, and Shawn? Will Maddie come in between Melissa & Shawn? While I wait for the next set of episodes to answer these questions and many more that will eventually pop up, I’m very excited to see the remainder of this season of Mistake.

Check out the first two episodes of Mistake below and be on the lookout for episode three on July 31st!

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