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While most individuals use technology to perform everyday rituals such as paying a bill or setting a reminder, others decide to live life with less technological use as possible. In fact, some people truly believe that most technological devices are on its way to having a mind and voice of its own. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case for the main character in Number 13. Written and directed by Jonell Rowe(Patient 4318, Shards of a Broken Promise), Number 13 is a sci-fi, dark comedy/drama that stars Karl Queensborough, Yana Penrose, T.J. Schooling, Marion Barron, Nevele Lewis, Sam Regan, and Saffiya Lea.

Number 13 centers around an aspiring actor who stops at a local supermarket before his big audition and has an unexpected confrontation with a self aware, service till called 13. As he tries to get over his fear of failing, he must also find a way to save 13 from its impending end. Produced by Roundhouse, the short film explores the themes of escapism, man vs. machine, personal identity, and fear of technology. The project won the Roundhouse Online Film Fund, generously supported by the Ex Animo Foundation, and was accepted into the U.K. Monthly Film Festival.

I recently had the pleasure of watching Number 13 and I truly enjoyed every minute of it! After watching his talent perfectly shown with Patient 4318, I believe Rowe is on his way to becoming a fantastic filmmaker. His films are always entertaining and never lack a true message for viewers. Queensborough was fantastic as Adrian! He provided Adrian with the right amount of fear due to the talking machine but curiosity in helping 13 after she gets shut off. Even though she was not physically seen, Penrose did a great job as 13 with just her voice. I believed her amazement with human life and inquiries about human interaction. However, I think the best part of the short film was the motivation that 13 gave Adrian and it became evident that he was flattered a bit.

Check out Number 13 below and be sure to view more projects via Roundhouse by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Jonell Rowe


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