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New York City, NY , July 23, 2017- “F.M.L.” (“F**k My Life”), a comedic web series about five friends of color going through a quarter life crisis whilst working in somefacet of the porn industry. 
This inclusive comedy that centers around five millennial friends of color who are currently navigating through the bullshit called life as they try to find themselves,their identity, actual money in their bank account, their purpose and make sure to drink a lot and get laid along the way.
An aspiring erotica writer, a lover of sex/sex store employee, an indie filmmaker turned porn camera operator, an actor/model turned aspiring porn star, and an entrepreneur of sex make up the group of friends. Plus there are SO many othercharacters they meet along the way.
Created by Viktoria I.V. King. FML’s inclusive lead cast includes: Christian VictoriaAllen, Julie Tran, Melanie A. Peterson, Rudy Guerrero and Hasnain, all complimented by an equally inclusive supporting ensemble including Sarah Pribis,Zachary Eisenstat, Gabrielle Georgescu, Raul Meruelo, Catherine Jandrain, NikkiLowe and Lauren Kneteman.
This series is meant to promote inclusivity and “flip the script” on many things suchas: putting people of color in the forefront, by writing about sex without having thecharacters sexualized or judged, by making extremely conscious decisions to shootthe females differently than the males— where you either see their faces more or itbecomes more about what they are saying and not how they are saying it, by makingthe LGBT characters and all characters for that matter be shown as human beings;where they aren’t defined nor confined to their sexual orientation. This show is like”Chewing Gum” meets “Friends” or “Girls” meets “Sex &the City” but with MOREinclusion.
Cyne 59 Productions is devoted to create content with a high level of diversity, truthwith bold and daring content that shines a light on controversial topics. Our films and web series will provide a platform for voices that are barely heard ormisunderstood.
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