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When I got a text from the beautiful and talented Bonnie Slight creator of hit series such as: “A Relationship is…” and “Why Am I single?” I knew it was time to do some work but lucky for me it always a blast! She asked me to check out the web series “My Big Fat Li(F)e” and write a review. She has a way of making everyone around her feel as though, they can take over the world. Which means it didn’t surprise me that she was helping a friend get more exposure on her raw talent. The show is all about the body positive trends; with a strong salute to the plus woman\’s journey to find happiness and love.
The creator and lead role “Jona Nanette” is not the stereotypical plus woman trying to fit in and go unnoticed. She’s actually the complete opposite. She takes on the her character proudly, fiercely and with so much grace. Her confidence is contagious which spreads throughout the rest of her cast. Jona’s states that ” This project is VERY important because often times in main stream media, when you see a full-figured queen, she is always the “best friend”, the unattractive homebody, the comic relief, OR WORSE yet, she is ALWAYS single. However, in real life, we are often surrounded by big, BEAUTIFUL women who ARE NEVER SINGLE, unless by choice. They are confident,vivacious, and WANTED, and this series showcases that.” I strongly believe she captures just that. The story line follows the main character Lisa Davis (Jona Nanette ), a hard working music executive grinding her way to the top, but sometimes it becomes difficult for her to focus on the job, rather the men she works with. With disloyalty between colleagues, ruthless behavior, and maintaining a professional relationship with client, things get complicated fast but the roller coast is definitely something you should buy a ticket for.
The show also stars cast members Tiny (played byTomiko Jointer), FlavaHype (played by Johnathan “FlavaHype” Carter), Young Cad (played by Drey “Pro Status” Wingate), and Lisha (played by Alicia Andrews) who all put on an amazing performance and frankly can\’t wait to see how this story unfolds. SEASON ONE (Cast and Crew) Directed and Executively Produced By Jona Nanette Written by Jona Nanette Director of Photography Maquita Gresham Starring: Jona Hall (Lisa Davis) Alicia Andrews (Lisha) Tomiko Onyemachura (Tiny) Johnathan “FlavaHype” Carter (FlavaHype) Drey “Pro Status” Wingate (Young Cad) Bryan Daniel (Spencer) Margie Lynn (Mama) Dejuan Gunn (Drey) Nicholas Sylvester (Sly) Trinity Baines (Charlie Santana) Tyrus Russell (Tyrus) .
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